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“KINNIE” Refreshingly different ….. Uniquely original …..

Overview About Kinnie ●Originality & Quality ●Vintage ●Brand Extension ●Local market ●

International Trade Market ●Export Packaging ●Business Opportunities ●

Marketing support ●Kinnie Kabana ●Marketing Aids ●Kinnie Cocktails ●Local Advertising ●

Kinnie is a premium non-alcoholic beverage made from special Mediterranean oranges and a secret blend of aromatic herbs and spices.

Its unique bitter sweet taste and its slightly sparkling nature have consistently generated above average interest amongst consumers.

Primary Target Market: Most likely switchers: Packaging:

18 Year old + 13 year old +

25cl & litre Returnable glass bottles 50cl, 1.5litre & 2litre PET 33cl cans 20 Litre Post Mix/Pre Mix kegs

Vintage Kinnie’s heritage dates back to 1952 when it was originally developed by Simonds Farsons Cisk in Malta as an alternative to the innumerable colas that had proliferated in Europe since the Second World War. Almost overnight, its distinctive characteristics made it Malta's favourite soft drink. Kinnie has been loved ever since both by the local population and tourists alike.

Originality and Quality Kinnie’s originality and quality has been recognized by the award of the “ Epi d’Or de la Qualité Internationale’, the highest honour to be conferred by the internationally renowned, Paris based ‘Comité International d’Action Gastronomique’.

Vintage Over the years the brand's image grew stronger and stronger. Packaging also moved along with the times, keeping Kinnie a market leader in the bitter-sweet beverage category. Packaging can be adapted and modified depending on market requirements in different countries







Due to this popularity and evolving lifestyle trends, a Diet version was introduced in 1984, and this now forms an integral part of the Kinnie brand. Target Market: 20 Year old + mostly women + fit conscious males Packaging: 25cl & litre Returnable glass bottles 50cl, 1.5litre & 2litre PET 33cl cans

• Kinnie Zest was introduced in 2007 to regenerate a new dimension to Kinnie brand • Also to tap into market of consumers who are either lapsed users, more health conscious or rarely drink Kinnie. Zest has a more orangey flavour. • Furthermore, target new customers, especially a younger age bracket from current Kinnie consumers extending also into male consumer territory. Target Market: 18+ primarily males (in Malta) Packaging:

25cl glass bottles 50cl, 1.5litre & 2litre pet cans

International Appeal Kinnie is the ideal brand for the fast emerging adult soft drinks markets all over the world. It offers diversity, refreshment, uniqueness and genuine attributes that are so important to offer a differentiated product proposition to this demanding beverage consumer sector.

International Presence • • • • • • • • • • •

Italy Germany Austria Sweden Albania Libya Switzerland UK Canada Russia (Franchise) Australia (Franchise)

Market Positioning • Positioning of Kinnie varies on the market (country) • Positioning of Kinnie varies on the targeted markets segment in each market • Most frequent positioning is that of an up market, premium soft drink that is different from ‘standard’ soft drinks on the market today • Country Strategies. Vary by country – examples • Italy – focus exclusively on the on-premise segment • Libya – focus mainly on retail but pegged at higher price bracket • Germany – focus on on-line, direct distribution, direct to consumer (higher margins) • Russia – focus on the mix-ability of the product – on trade segment priority with strategic partner

Unique Selling Propositions • • • • • • • • • •

Refreshingly different taste Mediterranean lifestyle drink Herbal appeal Healthier (low sugar, healthy oranges) Distinctive colour & aroma Sophisticated, ‘adult’ taste All natural ingredients Non-alcoholic Can be used as an aperitif or digestif Versatility as a mixer Different USPs can be emphasized in different countries


Marketing Support Simonds Farsons Cisk plc will support you in marketing the brand. We can supply you with: • Marketing advice & suggestions • POS materials etc • Give-aways • Print and poster advertising etc • Artwork for vending machines etc

Kinnie Kabana Kinnie Kabana is about having fun in the Mediterranean way, relaxed, chilled out and with friends. To create this tempting environment we can support you with materials to help you generate this unique atmosphere in your country. The Kabana concept can be adapted to different market and cultural environments

Kinnie Kabana

Marketing Tools • Cocktail glasses • Baseball caps • Key chain bottle openers • Mouse mats

• • • • • •

Flyers Bar posters Invitations Tent cards Bunting And much more …..

Kinnie as a Mixer Ice-cold Kinnie is delicious drunk straight, with a twist of orange. Its bitter-sweet taste also lends itself to mixing, and enhances most alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. It is also ideal as a top-up in a variety of different cocktails, including nonalcoholic ones.

Print Advertising

KINNIE: New Website

Various Kinnie Merchandising tools: •Posters •Shelf talkers •Wobblers

Kinnie Cars

Kinnie Signage

Various Kinnie Tools

Kinnie branding during various events

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