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• By Brooke R, Matt K, Ethan K

What the knights weapons are • The flail was a wooden stick with a spiked medal ball connected on a chain to the wooden stick. • The poleaxe was a long wooden stick that comes to a point with a curved medal axe attached to the top.

The 4 steps to becoming a knight • 1 you have to become a page at a palace at the age of 7. • 2 you have to become a squire at the age of 13 at this point you’re an apprentice to a knight. • 3 when your master thinks your ready to be a knight there is a ceremony. • 4 then you take an oath.

The way knights got their status Medieval knights held weapons according to their status and position which was determined by the Feudal system

Medieval weapons • the knights used broadswords, bastardswords, great swords, flails, poleaxes, short swords, long swords. • Middle age weapons included: battleaxes, maces, catapults, cross bows, bows, spears, war hammer.

Fast facts 1 • The knights templar is similar to the crusades. • The knights wore chainmail and used a sword and shield while in the chainmail.

Fast Facts 2 • Women could become knights. • It was very expensive to be a knight, the horse alone cost more than a small airplane.

Fast Facts 3 • When you became a knight it was a federal agreement. • Knights could pay shield money to there lord instead of military service. • They got shield money by doing deeds for the king.

Military • In medieval times there was ether 26 battles or war

The coat of arms • The coat of arms were pretty much the id of the knights lords. • The designs would indicate whom the knight belonged to.

Chivalry • It was a code the knights had to abide by. • Knights had to protect the weak, be curdies to all women, be loyal to the king, and serve god at times.

Top 4 Battles in Medieval Times • The crusades • The hundred years of war between England and France • The Norman conquest • The war of the roses

The crusades • The crusades were fought against the Muslims. • The crusades were fought in nine trips. • They were fought for Christianity.

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List the 5 swords. What were the Crusades? How many crusade trips were made? Could a women become a knight? What 4 steps did you have to do to become a knight?

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