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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Law, Contract Law
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Law 1st Year Students Kick Start Your Future Why Now ? Darren Johnson Careers Adviser

The Current Graduate Legal Job Market Applications for Vacation Schemes – many international city law firms have seen applications double this year ∂ Similar competition reported for mini-pupillage.

Implications: Important to consider Open Days in your 1st year to make you stand out when applying for vacation schemes in your penultimate year

1st Year Exam Results Do Matter To Employers In particular: • International commercial law firms – generally request these results by ∂ module on CV or application •

Will also pay close attention to tort and contract law modules when applying for vacation schemes in penultimate year. 2i is the ideal less than 50% could be an issue .

Same for commercial barristers chambers when applying for mini-pupillage

Getting Work Experience International commercial firms - Open Days What do these involve ? How do you apply ?

How should you approach the application and if offered a place the actual Day ? See my blog article on Open Days being posted at : for answers to these questions

st 1

Year Vacation Schemes

Example : Simmons and Simmons 26-30th March 16-20 April Deadline 31st January 2012

1st Year Spring Vacation Schemes Hogan Lovells - February 15th deadline

26-30th March

Blog -

What Employers Want Evidence and ability to articulate:  Achievement – drive and determination  Soft Skills- persuasion/negotiation/customer ∂ focused/attention to detail/problem solving/teamwork/leadership  Commercial Awareness for many career areas

STAR Skills Sessions Often employer led A great way to develop some of these skills on campus ∂ Need to sign up on-line for sessions you are interested in , keep an eye on The Events section of the CEEC website

Events Also On Facebook

Career Focus Blog

Considering Barrister – Taking Action In Your 1st Year Throughout the year Research minipupillages/apply for non formal placement for vacations ( Construct a strong CV and cover letters∂ for the above – get checked at Career Centre - Applications Advice/Quick Queries Become an active member of the student Law Society Work hard at degree, sets will look at your first year results Research Inns of Court

Exploration Tips

Alternative Careers To Solicitor/Barrister – Durham Law Graduate Destinations Recent Examples •Law Commission •Research Assistant

•Executive Officer , Home Office

•Constituency Assistant for MP

•Teach First ∂


•Police •P.R

•Trainee Chartered Accountant

•Recruitment Consultant (Banking and Finance

•Law Librarian

•Commercial Lender – Alliance and Leicester

Other Popular Career Areas For Law Graduates U.K wide •Lecturing


•Company Secretary

•Consulting •Legal Publishing

•HM Customs and Excise •Compliance

•Investment Banking •Charities/NGOs

•Civil Service Fast Stream •Human Resources

•European Commission •Research more at

Careers Employability & Enterprise Centre

49 New Elvet (next to D.S.U) Term Time – 9am – 5pm Vacation – 10am – 1pm 2.15pm – 5pm Tel: 0191 334 1424/1437 [email protected]

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