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January 8, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science, Civics
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School of Law Scoil an Dlí


School of Law, NUI Galway

Law programmes at NUI Galway UNDERGRADUATE


• BCL (Bachelor of Civil Law)

LL.B. (Bachelor of Laws)

• B. Corp. Law (Bachelor of Corporate Law)

LL.M. in Public Law

LL.M. in Law, Technology & Governance

• BA (Legal Studies)

LL.M. in International Criminal Justice

• BA (Public & Social Policy)

LL.M. in Econ., Soc. & Cultural Rights

LL.M. in Human Rights

LL.M. in Peace Operations, Humanitarian Law and Conflict

LL.M. in International Disability Law

Research degrees (Masters and Ph.D.)

• Law in the B.Comm.

School of Law, NUI Galway

Professional careers after NUI Galway

Law Society (Solicitors)

King’s Inns (Barristers)

• Graduates must pass an entrance examination in eight subjects

• Law graduates must pass an entrance examination in five subjects

• Be Apprenticed

• Pass another five in their Law degree

• Attend & Pass Law Society courses.

• Be Entered on the Roll of Solicitors

• Take the King’s Inns BL degree • Be Called to the Irish Bar School of Law, NUI Galway

World Class Lecturers and Students Just some of the Headlines the School of Law recently made Trevor Glavey (B. Corporate Law) Top Law Student on island of Ireland

Debaters talk up a storm for top title 2011 European Universities Debating Championships co hosted by NUI Galway LawSoc

Just some of our high-achieving graduates Máire Whelan, SC First woman Attorney General in Ireland

Judge Mathilda Twomey, LL.M Appointed Justice of the Court of Appeal in the Seychelles, the country’s first female Judge

Judge Mary Faherty Currently a judge of the Circuit Court Member of the Mahon Tribunal of Inquiry. Appointed to the United Nations Appeals Tribunal

Clinical Legal Education

• Students undertake a placement in a work environment for a day per week for the duration of one semester. • This provides students with great experience and a chance to see how law can be an effective tool for advancing the public interest. • Examples of placements are with Galway Refugee Support Group, Barnardos and the Irish Council for Civil Liberties.


School of Law, NUI Galway

School School Institute of Law, Name NUI to Galway go here

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