Lawrence v. Texas

May 14, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Gender Studies
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Gender and Sexuality

Critical Theory •






Black Criticism / Black Feminist Criticism

Theory is power! Critical theory is powerful!

16, Sex and Gender •

Lower body embraces reproductive organs and anuses; power symbols of transformation

Censorship has prohibited the exploration of sexuality on TV

• Many of the South Park episodes display that in “male sexuality is the possibility that all men have homosexual thoughts” (Johnson-Woods p. 246)

Gayness and LGBT Issues •

Coming out, gay marriage, sex changes, gay adoption

Usually through a male lens

Gender Performance

Identity Politics •

Are categories important to identity like gender, sexuality, race, culture, religion, ethnicity, etc. the product of nature or are they learned/performed?

Identity exists naturally, is fixed, and biologically determined (essentialism)

Or, identity is made, unmade, remade in a constant evolution (construction)

Attempt to empower those who are oppressed by hegemonic culture and lead to political and social change

Nature vs. Nurture •

Nativism (born with qualities)

Pre-programmed to behave a way

Construction (identity comes through experience)

Blank slate

Meaning/identity • given by nature/birth

Identity is not a choice

Scientific cause (gene) for identity (homosexuality?)

Meaning/identity is given through society

Identity based on relation to subjects/objects

Performativity •

Judith Butler, 1990

Identity is fluid and no “essence”

Gender is an act, a performance or impersonation

This “act” has been practiced through history

Gender is something you do and not what you are

Drag as challenge to gender identity

Queer Theory •

Fluid identities

“Queerness” avoids categories like “gay” or “lesbian” and looks at mismatches between sex, gender and desire

Categories/labels exist as discourse only –

Categories are themselves socially constructed

Opposes binaries like gay/straight

Is sexual orientation natural or essential to the person or is sexuality subject to change and a social construction?

LGBT Rights •

Until 1973, homosexuality was considered a mental disorder; homosexuality can be “cured” (religion?)

Same sex marriage (offered by 16 states)

Gays in the workplace (discrimination)

Gays in church/religion (discrimination, unholy, etc)

Adoption by same sex couples

Hate crimes (bias) punishable by federal law

Lawrence v. Texas (2005), Supreme Court,

“The Death Camp of Tolerance” (2002) •


Discrimination in the workplace

Mr. Garrison "intolerant of his own behavior"

Intolerance won't be tolerated

Tolerance of something one hates is different from acceptance of it as good

Libertarian philosophy?


Death Camp of Tolerance •

“Paradox of tolerance,” Popper

Open societies required intolerance for intolerance

Those who prevent free thought/speech should be prevented of the same –

South Park and censorship

When a tolerant person acts antagonistically towards intolerance, thus intolerant of it; then becoming intolerant themselves

“Follow that Egg” (2005) •

Commentary on same sex marriage and adoption

Stan and Kyle are better parents

Same rights but “Butt Buddies”...equality?

18, Marriage •

Same sex marriage in 16 states w/ benefits

Marriage is government contract and social structure/institution to promote family structure

Arguments against: –

Arguments for: –

1. religious scripture 2. procreation 3. bigotry/tradition 4. family structure

1. same rights 2. family as socially stabilizing

“The best case for gay marriage is that there is no compelling, legitimate case against it.”

Negative Liberty •

John Stuart Mill

Power should only be exerted against one's will to prevent harm to others

Governments must prove harm as related to the behavior

This is a natural right...civil rights guarantee natural rights via government contract

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