Learning from Each Other Educational Session

January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Psychology, Educational Psychology
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I3 Population Health Collaborative Improving the health of populations in SC, NC and VA

Educational Session: Population Health Leadership-Milestones Don Bradley MD MHS CL [email protected] Donna Tuccero MD [email protected] Anna Hrovat [email protected] Kathy Andolsek MD MPH [email protected] Community and Family Medicine, Duke University School of Medicine September 26, 2014

LS V – Learning from Each Other-Education

I3 Population Health Collaborative

Goals and Objectives • Define population health • Identify milestones reflecting “population health” within the milestones of IM, Peds, & FM • Contribute to the development of a “core” set of “generic” population milestones • Compare ways of teaching and assessing population health content in residency programs

Definition of population health

The health outcomes of a group of individuals, including the distribution of such outcomes within a group David Kindig and Greg Stoddart

LS V – Learning from Each Other-Education

I3 Population Health Collaborative

Competency Domains PH 1-4 • Applies principles of public health • Applies principles of community engagement • Utilizes critical thinking to address population health • Demonstrates Team and leadership skills for population health

Evaluation resources?


Resources at the site: • Powerpoint from Session • Generic Milestones • Links to ACGME specialty milestones • Links to iCollaborative & the Practical Playbook


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