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January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Writing, Spelling
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Mohan Li – Roger Chamberlain: ?

Shaurya Ahuja – Caitlin Kelleher : CHI

James Orr – Sanmay Das: EC

Missael Garcia – Viktor Gruev : ?

Zhuoshu Li – Sanmay Das: EC

Jake Gardner – Kilian Weinberger : ICML

Doowon Kim – Jon Turner: NSDI

Lav Gupta – Roch Guerin : NetEcon

Adam Drescher – Roch Guerin: CoNEXT

Joshua Little -- ??

Wenlin Wang – Yasu Furukawa: ?

Junjie Liu – Raj Jain? : SIGCOMM?

Chong Li – Chenyang Lu : USENIX ATC

Xiaoxin Liu – Yasu Furukawa : CVPR

Dolvara Gunatilaka – Chenyang Lu : SenSys

Justin Peabody – Sanmay Das: AAAI

Son Dinh – Raj Jain? : SIGCOMM?

Patricia Wang – Sanmay Das: AAAI

Chong Li Jacob Gardner Lav Gupta Joshua Little Justin Peabody

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They will do the same

We’ll figure things out for anyone left unmatched (unlikely).

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