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January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Business, Economics
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Destruction of the individual Danger of technology State Oppression (police state, TV made to brainwash people, Centre for Regressive Tendencies)

Admiration, respect, do we worry about him, pity, hate...?

 Something

we all want to be, conveyed throughout the story. Whether we mark ourselves out by what we wear, say or do, we all want to be seen as an individual. No one likes to be a face in the crowd. The fact that he keeps all his lights on in his house suggests he wants to stand out as an individual. Literally his house stands out as all the other houses are grey and tomb like, metaphorically this shows he is an individual. He is compared to a hawk, further adding to the idea he strives for freedom.

 There

is nothing to stimulate the intellect of the population here. Despite the (large) number of TV channels, there is a complete absence of any political programme which might challenge the government. Possibly suggesting brain-washing. If not, it is clear from the way that the population is described that they are not capable intellectually of challenging the government – they are portrayed as automatons – unthinking, unchallenging, uninformed.

 Mr

Mead has not seen any one else on his walks for years. Maybe he hopes that he will meet someone on his walk. He has been walking for a long time so he has not given up hope.

 Technology

has taken over the lives of people. We all want something to believe in. Something that is unshakeable and helps us understand the world around us. Mr Mead doesn't have a TV, he has clearly not to succumbed to temptation and bought one, showing he has strong resolve. He does not believe they are good for mankind so he refuses to buy one.

 Mr

Mead doesn’t seem upset by the fact he doesn’t have a wife. He seems happy in his own company. The police car is ‘surprised’ that he is not married, again showing that he doesn’t feel the need to conform to societies norms.

 Mead

used to work as a writer, clearly you need to be intelligent to do this. He refuses to be dumbed down by TV. Despite the fact that writing has now become ‘extinct’ he still refuses to get a TV, again, this shows that he is desperately trying to remain an individual in a faceless society. Throughout the story he expresses cynicism towards TV.

 Everyone

has something of a rebellious streak in them. We don’t like to be bossed around and told what to do. Although he gets into the police car, (unlikely he could outrun it) Mead does stand up to the car initially. This shows he is brave and is willing to hold his ground against oppressive authority.

 In

life, we are all searching for something. Usually, it is happiness. This can come from family work, love etc. Perhaps Leonard is out walking searching for another person who is like-minded, who does not sit inside and have their soul sucked from them by Technology.

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