Lesley Brady, Podiatrist, NHS Lothian

January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Health Science, Plastic Surgery
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My Role as a Cleanliness Champion.

Lesley Brady Community Podiatrist.

Podiatry. • High Risk foot care.

• Wound management Acute and Chronic. • Nail Surgery. • Patients with Chronic foot pathologies. • Foot Ulceration Treatment and Prevention • Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions.

Presentations Hand Hygiene update. • Reinforce Mandatory Training. • Raise awareness of the monthly requirement for hand hygiene audits.

The Podiatry Cleaning Matrix • • • •

Prevent HAI’s by closing knowledge gaps. Make staff aware of where their cleaning responsibilities lie. Limit the risk of failure on HEI inspection. Daily documented evidence of cleaning tasks.

Audit Results • Pie Chart 1: Responses by staff via voting buttons. • Question asked of staff via e-mail, 60 staff were emailed 48 responded using voting buttons. • “In your opinion, since starting the cleaning matrix, have cleanliness standards within the department improved?”




Yes No Maybe

Training Self directed learning. • Ensure Learn Pro mandatory modules for HAI prevention are current • Complete the Stand alone Hand Hygiene Learn Pro module.

Group work. •

Step One: PowerPoint presentation and use of the Glow Germ Light box.

• Step Two: DVD and Challenging behaviour session. • Step Three: Introduction to the IT aspects of the audit process (QiDS). • Step Four: Team discussion on implementation, and feedback. Approximately 2 hours to complete the group work.

Conclusion • I have found the Cleanliness Champions programme to be very rewarding. • It has allowed me to develop my career in ways I never thought possible (e.g. RIGHT NOW!). • I would recommend the programme to any AHP Community or Acute.

Thank You.

Acknowledgements. Pat Donald. (Podiatry Manager and Acting AHP Manager NHS Lothian).

William McMurrich. (Principal Podiatrist and Acting Podiatry Manager NHS Lothian). Gillian Hawthorne. Carol Horsburgh

Ann McQueen.

(Podiatry Team Lead NHS Lothian). (Senior I.C. nurse NHS Lothian).

(Hand Hygiene co-ordinator NHS Lothian).

Caroline Bowman. (Cleanliness Champions co-ordinator NHS Lothian).

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