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March 17, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science, Government
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Austrade Job Vacancy Title: Business Development Manager Location: Chengdu Level: AOPL2 Austrade Chengdu office has a job vacancy as a Business Development Manager. This position is a business development role in Austrade West China team to primarily undertake a range of client service work in the Health and Education sectors under guidance from the Trade Commissioner and Industry Team Leaders. Commencement salary for this role is CNY101, 780 per annum, salary adjustment to CNY119,741 may be applicable subject to positive assessment after six months probationary period. Austrade provides 20 days annual leave, supplementary medical insurance and other benefits. For detail information about this position, please visit our website www.austrade.gov.au/3254 to download the 'Information for Applicant' pack. To apply for this position, please register and submit your application online through www.austrade.gov.au/3254 by 6:30pm on Sunday 4 January 2015 (China local time). _____________________________________________________________________________

Duties: 

Undertake a range of client service work with guidance from your line and industry managers. This includes market research in health and education sectors, assessing and compiling company information, providing strategic advice to Australian companies seeking to develop business relationships and cooperate with Chinese companies, education institutions and government agencies.

Identify and capture opportunities to develop Australian exports to China by providing a wide range of services that add value to Australian companies and education institutions, in order to ensure the delivery of Austrade’s corporate objectives.

Develop new market contacts and networks and an ongoing understanding of the changing nature of the China market, as well as capabilities of Australian exporters.

Contribute to development and implementation of post and industry team business plans

Efficiently manage a constantly changing workload covering diverse industry sectors, large numbers of clients/customers, within internally and externally driven timeframes.

Assist in planning, coordinating and implementing business matching activities such as trade displays, investor events and market visits.

Utilise internal databases and knowledge management systems to support work practices.

Maintain Austrade standards and implement its policies, including diversity in the workplace, ethical practice and occupational health and safety principles and compliance with audit requirements.

Selection Criteria:

Australian Consulate-General Shanghai Commercial Section Australian Trade Commission CITIC Square Suite 2101 T. +86 21 6103 5656 1168 Nanjing Road West, Shanghai 200040 F. +86 21 6321 1222 ABN: 11 764 698 227 W. www.austrade.gov.au

1. Relevant tertiary qualification and a minimum of 2 years’ experience in a business development or related role, preferably in international or foreign government organizations. 2. Knowledge and understanding of the benefits of international trade and capacity, especially the health and education sector, understand Australia’s competitive advantage and government policies. 3. Demonstrate knowledge of or capability in learning about solutions to overcome problems to achieve business success. 4. Proven ability to think analytically with a pragmatic approach to problem solving. 5. Well-developed communication skills, with the ability to successfully represent Australia and Austrade and the capacity to negotiate and communicate with stakeholders. Fluent in written and spoken English and Mandarin Chinese. 6. Experience in working within a team environment to deliver business outcomes.


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