Liam Vernon, UK Human Trafficking Centre

January 8, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Law
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United Kingdom Human Trafficking Centre

Liam Vernon – Deputy Head Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales Rome - 7th May 2012

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What does the UKHTC do? Victim Care Co-ordinate the provision of a full care programme for the victim inc. secure accommodation, medical/psychological support, food and subsistence. Advice available 24/7/365 Tactical/Operational Advisors Provide advice in pre-planned operations or “live” advice in retrospective investigations to aid the disruption/prosecution of identified offenders Advice available 24/7/365 Intelligence gathering & Intelligence analysis Acts as the central repository for intelligence relating to trafficking which receives and disseminates intelligence products. Develops intelligence to pass to law enforcement for disruption/prosecution of identified offenders. Co-ordination / liaison between UK law enforcement A co-ordinated multi-agency approach to tackle the problem

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Forms of Trafficking seen in UK • • • • • •

Sexual Exploitation Domestic Servitude Child Exploitation Organ / Tissue Harvesting Labour Exploitation Criminal Exploitation

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National Referral Mechanism (NRM) • Council of Europe Convention on Action Against Trafficking in Human Beings • Came into force April 2009 • UK has two ‘Competent Authorities’, with trained case owners who make decisions on whether someone is a victim of trafficking. • UKHTC - for UK / EU Nationals and persons with a legal right to be in the UK • UK Border Agency - for any person with immigration or asylum issues

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Victim Referrals in UK 1 April 2009 – 31 Dec 2011 (2211) 2011 946 referrals (35% increase on 2010)

Female 634





Minors 234


Sexual Exploitation

298 adult 96 minors (42%)

Labour Exploitation

213 adult 119 minors (35%)

Domestic Servitude

119 adults 42 minors (17%)

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2011 Victim Data Trends - UK Nigeria – almost exclusively females subjected to sex exploitation and domestic servitude. Vietnam – males for labour exploitation and females for sexual exploitation. Romania – Adult labour exploitation and female sexual exploitation. China – Adult labour exploitation and adult female sexual exploitation. Slovakia – almost exclusively adult labour exploitation. UK – Minor female sexual exploitation and adult male labour exploitation.

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Nigeria – Human Trafficking from a UK perspective • Between April 2009 and March 2012 Nigeria has consistently been the most identified nationality for referrals of victims. •

298 adults and 85 children.

• Mainly young women between 17 and 30 years from Edo State and Delta State are trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation

Also minors for domestic servitude.

From poor socio-cultural backgrounds; economic hardship; encouraged to travel to Europe for a better life

• Forced into sex trade by physical and psychological violence and also by the use “juju” rites, a form of voodoo which is well established in West African countries and/or by contract oaths. • These are performed by traditional or religious practitioners to guarantee the payment of the debt the victim has incurred for her journey to the EU, a debt which may range between 40.000 – 60.000 EUR according to investigations in European countries. •

UK as a transit country for Italy/ Spain/ France for sex trade

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Nigeria – Solutions? •

• •

Coordinated multi-disciplinary approach – within UK, EU and UN institutions • To prevent • To protect • To identify and prosecute/ disrupt criminals Prevention & Awareness in the right communities by organisations that will impact • Faith based • NGO’s/ Charities – grass roots communities • Media – What is often the reality of a new life in Europe? Support mechanism for re-trafficked victims and those vulnerable to trafficking Political level coordination and support • Alternatives – education, employment

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At the worst time in their lives, the very least we can do is our very best.

Its in your hands.

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