Lindsey Spiess Introduction to the HCI media guidebook

January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Writing, Journalism
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Lindsey Spiess, Communications Consultant Office: (316) 491-8487 [email protected]

Purpose To support the HCI Grantees with media and marketing strategies to build awareness, support and influence local health policy, decision makers, and behavior change in their communities and across the state of Kansas. Ready for use after: 

Your policy goal has been established.

Community engagement and activation strategies have been developed.

Individuals who have direct influence over your successful outcome have been identified and prioritized for direct engagement.

One Tool in the Community Change Framework

Overview Tips & Tricks  Real-Life Examples  Customizable Templates 

Goal of Content: Useful, Effective, Current

Electronic Version: 

Available on KHF Website (

Downloadable templates to customize

Updating and expanding on ongoing basis

All knowledge levels

Use independently or with Lindsey Spiess

Thank you to contributors!

Glimpse of What’s Inside Section 1: Strategic Communications  

Communication planning Developing organization's communications strategy and messages

Section 2: Earned Media            

Finding and building relationships with reporters Developing a pitch and approaching a reporter News releases Media advisory How to invite reporters to your event Media interviews Unfavorable media coverage Photo release form Newspaper opinion editorials Editorial board visits Letter to editor News conference

Glimpse of What’s Inside Section 3: Social Media  

Creating an online presence with social media Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Section 4: Paid Media     

Types of paid media Print ads TV commercials Radio commercials Paid online searches

Section 5: Media List 

Newspaper Outlets & TV stations

Questions & Feedback Welcome! Lindsey Spiess, Communications Consultant Office: (316) 491-8487 [email protected]

Thank You!

Next: 3:45 p.m. Concurrent Breakout Sessions Maximizing Earned Media — Konza Town Hall (This Room) Lathi De Silva Vice President-Director of Brand Reputation Sullivan Higdon & Sink

Jessica Richardson Brand Reputation Manager Sullivan Higdon & Sink

Strategic Communications — Flint Hills Room (2nd Floor) Blythe Thomas Vice President for Communication Kansas Health Foundation

Sarah Green Consultant Kansas Health Foundation

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