Livelihood Development in West Papua Many indigenous people in

January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Health Science, Midwifery
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Livelihood Development in West Papua Many indigenous people in West Papua have limited opportunities to develop a livelihood. For indigenous Papuans generating an income is not about status. Its about access to basic services, such as education, healthcare and transport. Its about feeding their families. Our Partner Church, the Evangelical Christian Church In The Land of Papua works closely with local communities, offering training in farming and small business skills. The goal of this initiative is self-reliance – equipping local people to earn an income and to provide for their families for the long term.

Abundant God, thank you for West Papua, an ancient land of great beauty and abundant natural resources. We pray for the leaders in our Partner church GKI in West Papua, one of the few voices for indigenous Papuans. May leaders be fully equipped to lead their people, to speak on behalf of their members on issues that matter. Grant them wisdom, courage and strength.

As Papuans yearn, so do we on their behalf, for a better life, that many believe can only be achieved through developing local capacity and self-sufficiency. God, we pray for development in West Papua to address widespread poverty with justice and respect for Papuans as a fundamental base.

May all development strategies take into account the massive dislocation many Papuans are experiencing and address the real aspirations and needs of Papuan people who long to be respected, valued and encouraged without fear. We loyally renew our commitment to our trusted friends for the long term and may our partnership have hallmarks of mutual respect, dedicated to understanding, listening to and serving each other.

At Easter, as God gave Jesus, may we have a willingness to give, receive, be challenged and changed on a personal and partnership level. Amen. Written by Jane Bassham

Livelihood Support in Philippines Communities in the remote northern areas of the Philippines face challenge in obtaining a fair price for their farming produce. They struggle to provide the basic needs of food, education and healthcare for their families. South Australia has a long standing friendship with the United Church of Christ in the Philippines in North Luzon where community development projects provide hope to many in developing better farming and mining practices, proving a better standard of education for children and training in disaster preparation and response strategies.

Dear gracious and good God. We know that you are a God who cares for his Children as well as his creation. We pray for our brothers and sisters in the Philippines, we pray that you would show them your love and compassion. We pray that you would encourage them and that they would know they are not alone.

God we thank you for the Love they have, for you and their fellow countrymen. For the passion they have for your name to be preached. God may you also help us to remember them and share their stories. May we all grow together as we love and support each other as your body. Amen Written by Brendan Noolan

Peace Building in Papua New Guinea In Papua New Guinea, conflict threatens the already sensitive fabric of life. Age old systems of compensation and retribution perpetuate conflict between tribal groups. In other areas of the country, armed groups compete for resources and power. Our partner church, the United Church in PNG has been active for the past decade working for peace. Their goal is to train local people to become effective mediators in situations of conflict and to assist communities to develop strategies to avoid violence.

Luke 6:28 “Yupela i mas givim blessing long ol man mekim tok bilong bagarapim yupela. Na Yupela mas beten bilong helpim ol man i tok bilas long yupela” (Nupela Testamen)

That’s Jesus familiar message in New Guinea Pidgin about loving enemies. That's not easy for us, even harder for our PNG neighbours where isolated communities of 600 language and clan groupings have survived for millennia by fierce loyalty to their own clan and suspicion of all others. The United Church in PNG has been active in the past decade to build ne relationships and peace.

Let us pray: For times when we have brooded over past slights and grievances, Forgive us. For courage to reach out to others who are not like us, Strengthen us, Spirit friend. For peace makers in the governments and provinces and congregations of our PNG partners, we pray in the name of the Son of Peace, Jesus who challenges us all: Amen

“Yupelai mas sori long ol man, ol sem papa bilong yupela emi save sori” (Luke 6:36)

Written by Rev Malcolm McArthur

Midwife Training School in South Sudan In the worlds newest nation, South Sudan, women are more likely to die during pregnancy or birth than nearly anywhere else in the world. Despite high fertility rates, skilled health workers are present at only 5% of births. The training School, one of only four in the country, offers an 18 month midwifery program which equips students to become highly skilled and experienced community midwives.

My prayer for the people of South Sudan who live in the Rural Areas. For those who travel miles to the nearest Clinic or Hospital, and may die before they reach Hospital or before they are seen by a Doctor; may all have access to a good Clinic in their local areas.

We pray for the women and children who die every day in delivery because there is no trained Midwife. We pray that each State in South Sudan may have a Midwifery Training Centre that can help train local Midwives. We pray that the few children that safe should have a good health care, access to clean water and an opportunity to go to school.

We also pray for peace throughout the Country. May God bless these prayers and unite with us in praying for South Sudan and never forget those in need.

Amen. Written by Rev Amel Manyon

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