Lorraine McMillan Chief Executive, East Renfrewshire

January 28, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science, Government
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Lorraine McMillan Chief Executive, East Renfrewshire Council Chair of the Local Government ICT Board on behalf of SOLACE


Local Government ICT Board

• Formed in response to John McClelland’s review of Public Sector ICT infrastructure in Scotland • Recommendation that each sector have a sectoral board • Role of Board is to Provide leadership – Strategy – Implementation – To join up strategic opportunity with technology opportunity

The Board • • • • •

Chief Executives through Solace SOCITM Scotland Excel Improvement Service Scottish Government

The Environment for ICT in Local Government Cost pressures – – –

ICT cost reduction ICT to automate and reduce process cost McClelland Review of Public Sector infrastructure

Customer expectations – – –

More services on-line 24/7 Digital Scotland

Increasing demand for services – – –

Ageing population Health and social issues Christie Commission (prevention, partnership, people, performance)

What do we want a strategy to deliver? • Public services that are high quality, continually improving, efficient and responsive to local needs.

Digital Public Services (more Services on-line)

Reduced costs

Enabling Public Sector reform (Better public services enabled by ICT)

Principles • Customer Driven • Simple Standardised and automated • Reuse and share

Approach to Delivery • Build on national initiatives led by the Scottish Government • Partnership with other public sector bodies , especially the NHS • Work across the 32 councils in Scotland

Actions – Building on the National Strategy • • • • •

A Shared Infrastructure (SWAN) Authentication Scottish government website Skills development Data sharing

Actions for local Government • • • • •

National or cluster contracts Develop any new solutions once not x32 Shared approach to agile workforce More digital services Capture ICT requirements for Public Sector Reform e.g. Health and Social Care Integration

Governance • Political Management group – Chaired by Michael Cook – A Cross section of Members with a specific ICT interest and others with service interests • Local Government ICT Board – Digital – Reducing costs – Enabling reform – Support • Developing a model for sharing of services and joint commissioning

Enabling reform • Many reform agendas ongoing for local Government services • Most involve changing what we do and partnership working – Welfare reform, health and social care integration, self directed support, early years collaboratives

• Some involve changing how we work – Agile workforce, data sharing

Data sharing • Data, information and analysis • An exciting area of development – Business information – Data analytics – Big data

• Touch point of policy and technology

Conclusions • Data sharing between public sector partners is core part of the reform agenda • The work of the DSTB is closely linked to the ICT strategy and wider work on data sharing • Support for the direction of travel • Will provide a supportive governance framework • Exciting Opportunities to improve services

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