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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Communications, Advertising
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Luna Bars By: Chelsea Schneider, Andrew Rubin, Sean Stewart& Yossi Weinberg

I pledge on my honor that I have not given or received any unauthorized assistance on this examination or assignment.

Luna Bar History  Launched in 1999  Demand from women within Clif Bar company  Quickly gained 17% market share  Preexisting distribution channels  Luna = Greek goddess of the moon

Target Market  Teenaged girls- adult women  Created for active women who want something that

tastes good and is good for them  “It is an indulgent treat that satiates hunger and helps

women more easily fit protein into their diet” (

Product  Product differentiation from the Clif Bar  Released in 1999 with the tagline “The Whole

Nutrition Bar for Women”  Nutz over Chocolate, Trail Mix, Lemon Zest, and

Chocolate Pecan Pie  Two new product lines

Product (Nutrition)  Boasts less than 200 calories and only 5 grams of fat  Nutritional health benefits catered to women’s needs  Soy protein, calcium, folic acid, zinc, iron  Antioxidants  GMO soy protein for breast health

Product (Packaging)  Promotes with bright, shiny contrasting colors on the

package. Each bar has a stamp that says “70 percent organic, all natural” on the front  Convenient size  Clif sponsors Terracycle who offers products made out of

the Luna bar wrapper

Product (Packaging)

Price  Bars are slightly more expensive than competing brands

like balance bars and power bars because of high quality and organic ingredients  Luna Bar – $18.75/box (15) (Same as clif bar)  PowerBar Pria - $15/box (15)  Atkins Advantage - $9/ box (5) = $30  1 year after release bar price ranged from $1.49 to

$1.79. Now a little higher ($1.60 to $2.30)

Place (Distribution)  Luna piggybacked on the distribution scheme of clif


 Can be found at:  Shoppers, REI, Safeway, Giant, Target, Trader Joes, Super Fresh, Whole Foods, Nordstrom, sports specialty stores…  A mix of major food distributors and sporty/earthy

specialty stores as well as some women’s stores

 Found next to other power bars  Also sold online

Promotion  Luna Bar Website 

20   Steering clear of traditional advertising to women that

often resorts to stereotypes, LUNA Bar is portrayed as a healthy, yet indulgent escape.  Magazine advertsements

Promotion  Luna Moms Club  Lunafest  Luna on Campus  Team Luna Chix  Corporate responsibility  Bringing women together through sports

Strengths 

Variety of flavors

Promotes Wellness  Breast Cancer Fund

Large distribution channels

Loyal core consumers

 Five “bottom lines”

Weaknesses 

Lack of mainstream advertising

Niche product  Other bars market to a wider range of

consumers 

More expensive than other alternatives

Opportunities 

Very targeted demographic  First bar to specifically target women

Shift from impulse buy to a sought after product

 Large amount of resources 

Sister company of Clif Bar

Threats 

Established brands 

Organic ingredient recalls 

Powerbar, Balance Bar, MetRx, etc.

Recent recall on products containing peanuts

New entrants targeting women as well

Recommendations  Extend product mix to align company with competitors  Protein shake, other snacks, cereals

 Luna bar for adolescent girls, much like Clif bar for kids

 Adjust pricing strategy to compete better within the

energy/ nutrition bar category

Recommendations continued  Develop promotional strategy to increase brand

recognition  Cross-promotional programs with Clif Bar  Expand college ambassadors program to larger campuses  Celebrity endorsers  Social networking  Sales Promotion


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