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Poetry Classification


Narrative Tells a story

Lyric Expresses a poet’s feelings

Descriptive An impersonal word painting

Types of Narratives: 

Epic – a long poem about the deeds of a traditional or historical hero

Ballads – a story told in song - often written in QUATRAINS (a stanza of four lines)

Types of Lyrics:   

Elegy – A tribute to the memory of someone. The theme deals with death. Ode – poem in praise of someone or something Sonnet – a 14 line poem with fixed rhyme and meter

Types of Sonnets: 

Shakespearian (English) 3 quatrains and a rhyming couplet abab cdcd efef gg

Petrarchan (Italian) Octave (8) and Sestet (6) abbaabba cdecde (sestet may vary in rhyme)

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