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January 19, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Performing Arts, Drama
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Macbeth A Tragic Hero and How He Descends into Evil Your Name Ms. Ernst English IV – 2nd Period Date

Define the Tragic Hero In your own words using 5 of the 12 characteristics • Main character (usually) – engenders admiration & hatred • Dignified/noble–member-power class by birth, conquest, or usurpation • Representative – universal humankind • Rate = combination of what others do and his/her choices • Strong individualist, sometimes to the point of extremism • Isolated •Intelligent •Learns through suffering (usually too late) •Demonstrates personal courage in acceptance – death/ annihilation •Possesses a tragic flaw – leads to his/her destruction •Weakness of character •Wrong judgment

Exposition • Which Act? • What is the Setting? • What characters are introduced and what are their relationships with one another? • What internal and external conflict begins? • Don’t forget to cite your sources!

Rising Action • What is a main event? – Give one example.

• Which events build suspense? – Give three examples.

• Don’t forget to cite your sources.

Climax • • • •

What Act? What is the exact wording (evidence)? Give an explanation of how this is the climax. Don’t forget to cite your sources!

Falling Action • Give 3 examples of falling action each with – The evidence – An Explanation – How does Macbeth and his situation advance and decline? Think internal and external conflict.

• Don’t forget to cite your sources.

Resolution • Explain how the conflict is resolved. • Explain the consequences to the tragic hero’s previous actions. • Give evidence. • Don’t forget to cite your sources.

PowerPoint Criteria • Minimum of 17 Slides including Title Page and Definition. Maximum 22 Slides. • Minimum of 17-22 pictures. – – – –

Clip Art Internet graphics/pictures (enhance the content) Appropriate for topic and school guidelines Does not detract from or hide text

• Every slide should have some type of transition. • NO SOUND!

PowerPoint Criteria continued … • Easily readable font • Good page balance of text, graphics, and objects. • Colors complement, do not distract from the presentation. • Background complementary to text colors and graphics. • Text is easily read on top of background. • Graphics support the topic.

PowerPoint Criteria continued … • Do not forget to cite your sources. • Works Cited page. – MLA Format

Save to the Server • Steps: – Save to your desktop. • Periodfirstname

– Go to the server (H007-file01-svr) – Go to the Commons Folder – Go to Ernst Folder – Drag to my Drop Box

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