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Aim: How did the manor system (manorialism) work in medieval Europe? • Do Now: Write down your definition for self-sufficient?

Mr. McEntarfer – Global I

Instructional Objectives • Why did people live in feudal manors during the Medieval period? • What was life like on the manor?

No Central Government • Once the Western Empire collapsed there was no longer the central government of the Emperor. The Roman armies also disappeared and could not protect the people and make the roads and cities safe for trade.

Fleeing to the Countryside • Out of fear of barbarian attacks people left the cities and attached themselves to powerful warlords in the countryside. In exchange for their protection the people agreed to work for the these lords becoming peasant farmers (serfs).

• The manor was largely self sufficient, that is the peasant serfs produced nearly everything that was needed, from food, clothing and furniture. • The manor usually consisted of several small huts, a wind or water mill to grind wheat, a church, the manor house and several small strips of farming land.

Which building is the largest? What does that tell you about the people who live there?

What would most people who live here do for a living?

Life of a peasant serf As a serf I have to work all day long from dusk till dawn. Half of that time I have to work for my lord who is suppose to protect me. I am basically his slave. I barely have enough to eat and I have to share my mud hut with the lords pigs and goats.

Obligations on the Manor

• Looking at the chart, what were the obligations of • King to Lord • Lord to Knight • Knight to Serf

Activity – Read “Life on the Medieval Manor: The Feudal Arrangement” p.145 - 147 Questions: 1. What services did a feudal nobleman perform for the lord who was ranked above him? 2. What were the obligations of the serfs? 3. What was the system of manorialism? 4. Why did Lord Pierre grant permission for the marriage of Helene and Louis; daughter? 5. Why did Helene think that the feudal system was unfair?

Assessment • What is Manorialism? • What role do each of the following play in creating a self sufficient system • King • Lord • Knight • Serf

The economic activities on this feudal manor were based on 1. guilds 2. banking 3. industry 4. agriculture What economic concept can be inferred from this picture? 1. self sufficiency 2. inflation 3. trade embargo 4. competition

Aim: Become a lord and create your own manor. Do Now: Identify the following. 1. Favorite animal 2. Favorite sport 3. Hobbies 4. Music 5. Heritage 6. What else really speaks to your identity?

Create your Coat of Arms

• A coat of arms was the symbol of a knight's house, lineage and honor. Every knight had a coat of arms to tell everyone who he was and what family he came from. • Design a personal coat of arms that represents your family, interests and/or personal history. • Use your creativity, personal preferences and create a coat of arms that reflects who you are. • Write a brief essay that explains the details of your coat of arms and why you decided to design it the way you did.

Jousting Tournaments

Who’s who in Battle

More Examples

Create your coat of arms

Create your Manor - Rubric •

Your manor should include the following. The more complete your estate the more knights/points you will have to do battle 1. Manor house or castle 2. Church 3. Water or wind mill 4. Lord’s Oven 5. Serf huts 6. Workshop 7. Three farming strips (fields) 8. People (Who would you find on the manor)?

Create your Manor • Your second task as lord is to create your manor (estate) The more complete and well done it is the more points and knights you will receive to gain the crown.

Why was religion an important part of peoples lives in feudal Europe?

Describe the purpose of the following buildings. • Blacksmith shop • The Mill • The Lords Oven

Describe how the manor was selfsufficient?

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