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More and more westerners are experiencing India

Brief: Interior seating system for 2030 STATEMENT: With an increasing variety of consumer products, lifestyles and activities to choose between, people’s daily lives are becoming more and more complex and exhausting. They therefore require products and services that are not only simple, but which also meet their individual needs. In their monotonous life they need some colour and vibrancy. [email protected]

The Inspiration:

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The User: The year is 2030 and the User Mr. Joseph Swaminathan is a fashion designer. A creative professional. His motto is ‘less gadgets but more connectivity’ a common trend then. Due to his profession he has a keen eye for detail, is very focused and has good know how of materials and trends. His parental roots make him attracted to Indian culture which serves him as a personal inspiration for his work. He craves for the i-factor.

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The Moodboard: Indian architecture is a great example of Indian Design, beautifully decorated detailed windows. Similarly jewelry and traditional saree wear are great inspirations for form. Some Indian materials like cotton, silk and jute and arts like cane-work and pottery are well known throughout the world for their quality and appeal.

Keywords:NOSTALGIC,CONTRASTING [email protected]

The New Experience: Puppetry in India is an ancient story telling art but with a garnish of Indian embroidery work, colour and music. It is the total embodiment of what India is. Festivities, drama, art, community gathering are such associated with puppetry. This inspired the thought of suspended seating which can be a NEXPERIENCE in 2030. From India to the World.

Keyword:ARTISTIC [email protected]

Rajputana Customs

The New Experience: Decoration, customization or personalization is a deep emotion in India. Right from local ‘chai’(tea) stalls to 5-star hotels, from a cycle to a Rolls Royce, everything is personalized in some way or another. This can be a unique feature to give to the customer at a A-segment level. Another NEXPERIENCE.

Keyword:EXAGERATED [email protected]

The meditative pose: The form created by the silhouette of a sadhu or yogi while meditating in the illustrated pose was my inspiration for the form of the seat. Hands joining above the head and a crossed leg over the knee

[email protected]

Meditative arms over head pose

Natural fabric like jute or canvas

Theme Direction

One leg for ground support and visual stance

Front seat theme: After ideating on shapes they were translated into a theme design that was a base for development for the final design. The theme was that the seat will be suspended on the roof. The entire support structure of seating moved above to create visual excitement. The seat backs are made from cotton canvas sheets and can be customized by the user.

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Final Front Seat direction: The selected theme was then worked upon to create a more fluid and comforting and inviting shape. The seat now holds a broader shoulder area and squeezes down the middle to create elbow room. The customizable canvas seat backs can have more colour variants as illustrated. The colour palette was chosen from those colours used in ‘ Rangoli ’ Design during Indian festivities.

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Keyword: GRACE

The Support Structure: The metal frame that holds the seats was inspired by a keyword ”GRACE” derived from the versatile dance forms in India. The other inspiration from the same keyword was a peacock. The peacock has inspired so many intricate sculptures, embroidery work and mehndi art in India from ancient times.

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The Process: The metal structure is extruded to create the form to support the seats over which the cushions are fixed and later the customizable canvas backrest according to customer preferences. The type of cane mat pattern flooring can also be an option

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The rear seat: The rear seat is inspired by ‘Rajasthani Jali’ or grill like pattern which are a unique feature in North Indian architecture. Some interesting leather folding technique can be used on joints where the laces forming the hammock intersect. The hammock seat also doubles up as additional storage due to its flexibility.

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Peacock feather inspired shape

The Design: The roofline with the frame flows gracefully to create suspension for the front and rear seats before twisting to create the dashboard and continuing to form the leg support for the front seats.

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Meditative pose inspired SUSPENDED seats Unique three striped seat belt inspired by a yogi’s “zanva” or holy thread worn around torso

Detailed cuts to let sunlight in through DLO giving UNIQUE AMBIENCE

Customizable, embroidered COTTON CANVAS sheet forming backrest Calvin fabric with natural JUTE fibres

Metal frame forms dashboard

“Jali” inspired lounge HAMMOCK REAR SEAT, doubles up as extra storage

AMBIENT floor lighting

CANE MAT More space under seat to slide luggage in/out even after egress

The Design: The final design includes all the new experiences from the analysis phase. Suspended seats, customisable options, decorative India inspired features. The package is a small A-segment vehicle which will suit the city life in 2030 as we can see the trend in that direction. Keywords are EXAGERATED, ARTISTIC, NOSTALGIC & CONTRASTING all which describe the Indian culture

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