Massimo “Antime” Parietti Diary of light and colors

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Music, Music History
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CIVICO MUSEO PARISI - VALLE Comune di Maccagno con Pino e Veddasca (Va) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

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Massimo “Antime” Parietti Diary of light and colors March 8 – June 7, 2015

On Saturday, March 7 2015, one hundred years since Massimo “Antime” Parietti’s birth in Bosco (Montegrino), an anthological exhibition of his works will open in the Parisi-Valle museum. The exhibit has been organized by the Comune of Maccagno con Pino e Veddasca, with the collaboration of the Cultural Association “Amici di Giovanni Carnovali detto il Piccio” of Montegrino, and it will be open until June 7. “Diary of light and colors” takes us on this painter’s artistic voyage and shows us the main stages of his life and his art. This title was chosen to emphasize Parietti’s talent in representing the beauty of nature, the sweet faces of the people he loved, all sides of the reality he intensely lived in, and his ability to capture all of his impressions and immortalize them on canvas. The special light that was a trademark of his works is a clear indication of his positive soul that never forgot the humble roots his values came from. Thousands of colors breathe life into his every painting, adding movement and harmony to his composition. Three different areas characterize this exhibition and follow his artistic evolution: In the first, the most modern and informal works are displayed, those Antime painted after his definitive comeback to Italy at the end of the 80’s. These represent his desire to find new abstractions stemming from the dream-like sensations generated by his new life in his beloved Bosco, but also from observing nature or simply by listening to his favorite music. The second area hosts his landscapes and flowers, which show the artist’s ability to paint the most pleasant sides of his personal voyage through life. These are memories of trips to fascinating cities, as well as paintings representing his love for the garden of his house in Bosco: encounters with nature’s beauty that he managed to portray with a very personal form of realism. The third area collects some works in a sort of travelog through all the meaningful places where he lived: Bosco, where he was born and went back to in his old age, Milan, where he started studying art, Paris, the capital of artistic avant-garde, Solothurn, where he lived so many years with his first wife Marie Louise that always helped and encouraged him to pursue his art. The tour closes with portraits of people he loved or admired, such as Piccio, Giacometti, Cuno Amiet. Also displayed is a photo of Parietti portrayed by Bruno Fasola taken on his 80th birthday, a tribute to his likability as a man and empathy as an artist. The catalog of the exhibit is by Associazione "Amici del Piccio".

“I always thought,” said Mayor Fabio Passera, “ that the fact our museum is in Maccagno is not to be intended as a limit, but it has to reach out to a much larger territory. That’s why I immediately and enthusiastically accepted the proposal by Associazione Culturale “Amici di Giovanni Carnovali detto il Piccio” of Montegrino, a tribute to one of his most illustrious children. I’m positive that, once again, the public will reward with their presence our choice to rediscover and pay homage to the artist who depicted and interpreted our territory”.

Maccagno con Pino e Veddasca (Va), Civico Museo Parisi -Valle via Leopoldo Giampaolo, 1 Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 10:00 – 12:00 am / 2:00 – 6:00 pm ingresso gratuito Inauguration Saturday, March 7 2015 at 5:30

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Civico Museo Parisi-Valle Maccagno con Pino e Veddasca phone. 0332/561202 website fax 0332/562507 e-mail [email protected]

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