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January 23, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Performing Arts, Drama
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A form of art that uses assemblage.

Here are examples of collage work that Matisse did.

Notice how the figure in his work is all black. This is called a silhouette. Also, the person is put into a very interesting pose. Notice that the figure and the stars do not touch one another. This is because he wanted to make the collage feel balanced. Matisse liked to use the primary colors. What are the primary colors? Why did they like to use the

RED YELLOW BLUE Artists will sometimes use only the primary colors because they feel that those colors create the strongest and purest contrasts. What is contrast again?

Contrast is an element of art that refers to the arrangement of opposite things. This is so the artist can create visual interest and drama.

What are some opposites in art?

Opposite textures? Opposite colors?

Every one is going to get blue, black, red, and yellow construction paper. On the black construction paper, draw the silhouette of a person in an interesting pose. Cut the figure out. Use the blue construction paper as the background. Use the red and yellow construction paper to decorate the background. Use glue to attach your cut out elements.

Suggestions for creating your figure’s pose: What activities do you like to do? Sports?



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