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January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Engineering & Technology, Computer Science, Networking
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University Information Services Managed Cluster Service (MCS) and Desktop Services

Thursday 9th October 2014

Computer Laboratory

Introduction • Brian Simpson •

Desktop Services Manager

Portfolio of DS brands

Liaise with differing depts and Colleges

• Dr. David McBride •

Unix Specialist in Information Services

Responsible for MCS Linux

Ask Questions at any time


• University Information Services - 2014 • Previously University Computing Service – founded in 1937 • Part of the CL until 2001

• Separated teaching and research from computing services • Now merging/merged with MISD (administrative computing) • Centre of IT support and computing services • Based at both the Roger Needham Building and also the New Museums site ( satellite service desk and training rooms)

Managed Cluster Service • Available for all staff and students of Cambridge University • Networked PCs (Windows/Linux) and Macs • Applications (only in MCS rooms), printers, scanners • DS-Filestore – mapped drive and accessed by unmanaged machines • DS-Files – access outside the CUDN • DS-Print – managed and unmanaged printing (print from own device) • UCS Training runs on the MCS – NMS, RNB, depts

Operating System and Applications • Windows 7

• Over 150 applications – browsers, office packages, statistical packages, departmental software • MCS Linux, based on Ubuntu 14.04 (64-bit) • Mac OSX 10.9 • Differing software dependent on OS, but versions try to stay the same across differing systems.

Where is the MCS? • 19 departments – across the University including the CL • 26 Colleges

• UCS public rooms – Titan teaching rooms, Phoenix Teaching rooms • Continuing to expand • Centralised cohesive approach • Available 24/7 - 99.5% uptime

Access to the MCS • All CL students are given Desktop Services accounts automatically • Access credentials and password early this year! • Common UIS password (Hermes and Raven) •

DS-Filestore • We host network-accessible storage space for all MCS users: • U: on MCS Windows machines • /home/crsid on MCS Linux and Apple Macs • 3GB standard – CL students may get more space • Shared space – CL run applications and use pigeon holes

DS-Filestore – access from outside • You can also access this space from non-MCS machines: • CIFS: // (inside only), • SFTP: • DS-Files: • DS-Web: Publicly-accessible personal webpages.

• Just put what you want to go online into your public_html/ folder. • Immediately accessible here: • We back this data up regularly.

• … but you should keep your own backups of stuff you really care about.

DS-Print • Printing facilities from any computer connected to the CUDN • DS-Print Printers are available in all MCS rooms • Print from your own machine via a print client – Linux in development

• Common balance - CL • Self serve print credit – e-credit • Printers overtaken by MFDs (print/copy/scan)

MCS Linux — Specifics!

• All of the PCs in the Intel lab dual-boot Linux.

• /home is served across the network via CIFS from the DS-Filestore •

Some peculiarities! (It's a Windows server behind the scenes)

Permission bits don't work quite as you'd expect.

• You may be used to running, “sudo apt-get install …” •

This won't work. (You don't have administrative access.)

… however, if you'd like something added, just ask.

You can also install tools and applications in your own home-directory.

• Hopefully you won't need to, as we've already spent lots of effort trying to ensure that everything you're likely to want is already included.

MCS Linux — Remote login servers • We also supply a number of remote-login servers accessible via SSH. •

These have virtually identical configurations to MCS Linux desktops.

• Dedicated physical hardware • Two general-access login servers, SNAP and PUFF •

Use: ssh [email protected]

• We also provide CL users their own dedicated remote-login machine, RYATH. •

Use: ssh [email protected]

• If your network connection is fast enough, you can run graphical applications on our servers. •

… provided you have an X server running on your local machine.

Future Developments • Remote Access to a desktop - applications • Extra storage space – “dropbox” style sync • Printing enhancements – Linux • New UIS Desktop services

Contacts • Support and help • UIS webpages – • UIS Service Desk - [email protected]

• Management or development queries • DSG Manager – [email protected]


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