Meeting with Parliamentary candidates and agents

January 9, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science, American Politics
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2 Parliamentary Constituencies 53 New Single Member Wards

137 Parish Councils 1231 Parish Councillors

Election Team North Herefordshire

Hereford & South Herefordshire

Amy Hallett

Colette Maund

• Parliamentary • District • Parish

• Parliamentary • District • Parish

Election Time Table

• Early Informal Checks of Nomination Papers • Make an Appointment • Receipt of Nomination Papers

Electoral Commission Guidance for Candidates and Agents

Register for Nominations 2 March 2015

Nomination Packs • Pre printed from Electoral Services Office from 9 February 2015 • Accepted at face value

Delivery of Nomination Papers


IER Registers • Available up to 27 February 2015 • Political Parties only • Can only be used up to 7 May 2015

Candidates Free Copy of Electoral Register and Absent Voters List

Candidates should use our forms for postal vote applications. Follow Code of Conduct for handling postal vote applications. Code of Conduct for Campaigners.

Poll Cards • Combined Poll Cards • First send out of Poll Cards

Postal Votes • Separate issues of postal packs for Parliamentary and Local Elections

• Overseas postal packs sent out first

Ballot Papers

Parliamentary papers District papers Parish papers

Free use of public funded room for public meetings


Election Agents Polling Agents Counting Agents Postal Vote Opening Agents Tellers Guidance

Election Expenses

Read the rules

Signage on highways will be removed.

Rules about signage near polling station.

Offences SPOC

Verification/Count • Hereford Leisure Centre • 40 extra staff • Verification & Count of parliamentary ballot papers only Thursday 7 May • Count of Parliamentary ballot papers to take place 4 hours after close of poll • Mini Counts • Verification & Count of Local Election on Friday 8 May

Access to Electoral office for disabled people fund

Boundary Commission will provide new ward maps


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