Mental Health Jeopardy

January 22, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Health Science, Immunology
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Jeopardy Mental Health Mental Health 2 Final Jeopardy

Mental Health Defense Mechanisms

Mental Disorders





















400 500





Needs Influences

Defense Mechanisms $100

Seeing Someone Else as Perfect

Idealization Mental Health

Defense Mechanisms $200

Covering up for weakness and mistakes by gift-giving, hard work and extreme efforts.

Compensation Mental Health

Defense Mechanisms $300

Making excuses to explain situation/behavior rather than taking responsibility.

Rationalization Mental Health

Defense Mechanisms $400

Unconscious pushing of unpleasant feelings below the surface conscious thought. (Usually traumatic events)

Repression Mental Health

Defense Mechanisms $500

Reverting back to earlier behaviors as a child rather than a more mature way.

Regression Mental Health

Mental Disorders $100

Trapped in a pattern of repeated behaviors or thoughts.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Mental Health

Mental Disorders $200

Feelings of sadness, hopelessness or despair lasting a few weeks interfere with daily activities and interests.

Depression Mental Health

Mental Disorders $300

A person experienced or witnessed a traumatic event and feels severe longlasting effects.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Mental Health

Mental Disorders $400 Extreme mood swings between depression, extreme happiness, and mania.

Bipolar Disorder Mental Health

Mental Disorders $500

Dr. House suffers this mental disorder.

Antisocial Personality Disorder Mental Health

Needs $100

• Hunger • Thirst • Sleep • Clothing

Physical Needs Mental Health

Needs $200

Striving to Become the Best You Can Be.

Self-Fulfillment Mental Health

Needs $300 • Be Loved • Belong • Valued • Recognized

Emotional Needs Mental Health

Needs $400

• Need to Know • Explore • Understand • Appreciate its Beauty

Aesthetic Needs Mental Health

Needs $500

Person’s last name and pyramid

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Mental Health

Influences $100

A complex set of characteristics that makes you unique and sets you apart from everyone else.

Personality Mental Health

Influences $200

Basic living surroundings or conditions that could pose as positive or negative influences.

Environmental Influences Mental Health

Influences $300 Inheriting Physical Traits, Intellect and Behaviors

Hereditary Influences Mental Health

Influences $400 Decisions and actions can either make or break you in terms of rewards and consequences.

Personal Behavior Mental Health

Influences $500

Beliefs and standards that guides a person’s actions, decisions, and how you life your life.

Values Mental Health

Stress $100

Any Stimulus that Produces a Stress Response

Stressor Mental Health

Stress $200

The body’s and mind’s reaction to everybody demands or threats.

Stress Mental Health

Stress $300

This stressor involves “Perceiving” situations as positive or negative.

Cognitive Stressor Mental Health

Stress $400

Two body systems activated during a fight or flight response.

Nervous System and Endocrine System Mental Health

Daily Double In the endocrine system, this gland located in the hypothalamus, send messages to the adrenal glands to release adrenaline.

Pituitary Gland Mental Health

Mental Health 2 Signs

100 200 300 400


Mental Disorders

100 200

300 400 500


Fight or Flight


100 200

200 300

300 400

400 500


Random 100

200 300 400 500

Signs $100 • Realistic Strengths & Weaknesses • Responsible for Own Behavior • Avoid High Risk Behaviors

Good Mental Health Mental Health 2

Signs $200 • Headaches • Twitching • Upset Stomach • Migraines • Sweating

Physical Signs of Stress Mental Health 2

Signs $300 • Trouble Reading or Thinking Clearly • Lack Creativity • Constant Worry • Obsessive Thoughts • Unable to Make Decisions

Mental Signs of Stress Mental Health 2

Signs $400

• Not Eating • Overeating • Compulsive Talking • Verbal/Physical Outburst • Fidgeting

Behavioral Signs of Stress Mental Health 2

Signs $500 • Frustration • Nervousness • Boredom • Edginess • Feeling Powerless

Emotional Signs of Stress Mental Health 2

Mental Disorders $100

Preoccupation with the body and fear of presumed diseases that are not present

Hypochondria Mental Health 2

Mental Disorders $200

Antisocial, Passive Aggressive and Schizophrenia belong in this classification.

Personality Disorders Mental Health 2

Mental Disorders $300

Clearly caused by a physical illness or an injury that affects the brain.

Organic Disorders Mental Health 2

Mental Disorders $400

Depression, Bipolar, and Seasonal Affective Disorder belong to this classification.

Affective Disorders Mental Health 2

Mental Disorders $500

Psychological causes in which no clear brain damage is involved.

Functional Disorders Mental Health 2

Stress $100

The amount of stress you can handle before reaching a state of too much stress.

Stress Tolerance Mental Health 2

Stress $200

Constriction of the airway and bronchioles causes a person to cough, wheeze, and struggle for air.

Asthma Mental Health 2

Stress $300

Prolonged stress causes the body to weaken, thus colds, flu, severe infections or cancers can result.

Immune System Mental Health 2

Daily Double A physical response that results from stress rather than from an injury or illness.

Psychosomatic Response Mental Health 2

Stress $500

Mental & emotional stress increases levels of cholesterol that can eventually block arteries overtime.

Blood Pressure Mental Health 2

Fight or Flight $100

Adrenal glands secrete this hormone to intensify breathing rate and heart rate.

Adrenaline Mental Health 2

Fight or Flight $200

At the third stage, the body and mind becomes worn down, thus weakening the immune system due to prolonged stress.

Fatigue Stage Mental Health 2

Fight or Flight $300

At the initial stage, the individual confronts the stressor. The pituitary gland activates the adrenal glands to produce adrenaline.

Alarm Stage Mental Health 2

Fight or Flight $400

In the second stage, physical resistance to stressor reaches the maximum functionality.

Resistance Stage Mental Health 2

Fight or Flight $500

The gland that rests on top of the kidneys produces adrenaline throughout the body.

Adrenal Gland Mental Health 2

Random $100

Your own confidence and selfworth.

Self-Esteem Mental Health 2

Random $200

Transferring or redirecting negative energy to positive energy.

Rechanneling Energy Mental Health 2

Random $300

Being able to “C.A.T.”, is useful when confronted with a situation.

Cope, Adapt, & Thrive Mental Health 2

Random $400

This personality is considered noncompetitive & laid back, which helps lower heart disease.

Type B Personality Mental Health 2

Random $500 This occupation specializes in diagnosing mental disorders by counseling and prescribing medications.

Psychiatrist Mental Health 2

Defense Mechanisms

Being unaware of attributing one’s own feelings or faults to another person or group.


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