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2013 Spirit of the Midwest Awards Reception

Emcee - Andy Parrott VP, Technical Operations Suddenlink Andy has worked in the telecommunications industry for nearly 20 years, beginning at Charter Communications. He has been part of the Suddenlink team for the past nine years. Andy’s primary focus is to ensure an excellent customer experience from Suddenlink’s maintenance, service, and fulfillment activities across all lines of business. Andy volunteers much of his time to SCTE and its mission to provide professional development, certifications, standards, and information. He serves as Chairman of the Certification Sub-Committee, Member of the Professional Development Committee, and Board Member for the Gateway Chapter. He also served as Co-Chairman of the 2010 Chapter Leadership Conference.

Keynote Speaker – Mary Meduski Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer Suddenlink With more than 25 years of financial experience in the media and telecommunications industries, Mary joined Suddenlink in 2006, as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. She is also a member of the Board of Directors. Mary serves as Chair and Executive Committee member of WICT’s National Board. She is also a member of the Board’s Finance, Governance and Leadership Development Committees. Mary has been named to CableFAX's list of Most Powerful Women in Cable in each of the last seven years and has been named a Multichannel News Wonder Woman, Class of 2012.

Women in Cable Telecommunications Midwest Chapter

WICT develops women leaders who transform our industry. We partner with cable and telecommunications industry leaders to provide leadership programs and services, and challenge these companies to create professional advancement opportunities for women. We create bold, selfempowered leaders through advocacy and leadership training.

Spirit of the Midwest Winners • Rising Leader: Katie Atkinson Manager, Technology Integration Suddenlink

• Spirit of the Midwest: Jean Edhlund Manager, Distribution and Regional Sales Fox Networks

• Woman in Technology: Julie Sparlin Manager, IT Suddenlink

Rising Leader: Katie Atkinson

This award recognizes an industry woman, considered a newcomer to the industry, who has demonstrated her own personal leadership style and has become accomplished in both her job and in her working knowledge of the cable and/or telecommunications industry.

Congratulations Katie, I am very proud of you! We have been through a lot the last five years…..what an “adventure”!! You truly are a Rising Leader, and I thank you for your continued passion and dedication to take care of our customers, and always striving for excellence. I look forward to the next 5… ~ Chandni Ochoa Corp. Senior Director, Technology Integration Suddenlink

Katie’s natural integrity, enthusiasm for learning, and sense of humor naturally draw people to her. Combine those qualities with her objectivity and unflagging optimism in the face of challenges, and the result is a leader who inspires and motivates others to achieve goals and deliver high quality results. ~ Ginni Hartley Senior Manager, Billing, IT Suddenlink

Katie makes even the most stressful war room run efficiently and fun – she can be a little “kray kray”. ~ Beth Petti Vice President, IT Suddenlink

Spirit of the Midwest: Jean Edhlund This award recognizes an industry woman who has made significant contributions to the cable and telecommunications industry throughout her career, serves as a mentor and role model to others, exhibits leadership qualities that have made a difference in her organization, is a risk taker and groundbreaker, and inspires others. This woman is highly regarded by her peers and teammates for career accomplishments and quality work-life balance.

It seems as though Fox created Jean’s job just for her, because she is perfect for it and it for her! I had the pleasure of working with Jean for many years (when I worked for Charter). She and I became close friends through our work and I’m very grateful for our friendship. Congratulations, Wonder Woman! Thank you for teaching me and many others a thing or two about sports! ~ Melissa Kadlec Marketing Manager Citon Computer Corp

When people think of Jean, they think of the friendly face behind FOX Networks. Not only does Jean convey a bright energy that is truly contagious, she clearly possesses the qualities that make her a shining example of why I nominated her for the WICT 2013 Spirit of the Midwest award. ~ Theresa Sunde Government Relations Supervisor Mediacom

Jean has been an incredible asset to the Affiliate Distribution team at Fox Networks and has demonstrated her ability to get deals done to increase our distribution, develop and nurture key relationships with our affiliates, and initiate creative ways to include our affiliates in our programming initiatives. Jean was most recently engaged, she is a beautiful person with many wonderful qualities. Working at Fox Sports North, she would often have no problem finding a date as many men were eager to go to the many sporting events in the Minneapolis area with Jean and problem was at times she wondered if they were more interested in her or rooting on the Twins, Vikings, or Wild…..I’m so happy she now has a life-long partner to attend games with in the future…..

~ Bob Adelman Regional Vice President Fox Networks

Jean’s favorite chant is “Who hates IOWA? We hate Iowa!” She says repeatedly at every Gopher Football game, EVEN when they’re not playing Iowa! Jean also despises everything about the University of North Dakota - especially the hockey team! ~ Rob Amundson Local Sales Manager Comcast

Woman in Technology: Julie Sparlin This award recognizes an industry woman serving in a technical position who has contributed significantly to her organization as well as the cable and telecommunications industry. In addition to her technical expertise, she is a valued team member who is committed to supporting and motivating others.

Julie is a caring employee who provides service to our internal customers and HR department at a level that is exemplary of the highest standard. Even in the midst of busy times, Julie maintains a smile and a positive outlook, giving help where needed and often doing more without being asked. Julie is a supportive ally, mentor and friend to many in the organization. She has proven herself to be a trusted leader and always errs on the side of what is right, rather than what is popular. Julie is truly a Woman in Technology others should watch.

~ Erin Lorenz Senior Director, IT Suddenlink

Julie is truly FABULOUS to work with as she is always in a good mood… It is great to see Julie getting the type of recognition she deserves. She is a true asset to Suddenlink. ~ Rob Jenkins Vice President, IT Suddenlink

Julie is a fantastic, well rounded leader. She does a fantastic job of performing well at work, being a great mom to her boys and keeping herself healthy. A great model for all!!!!

~ Beth Petti Vice President, IT Suddenlink

Special Recognition; Midwest Tech-It-Out Advocate Terry Cordova Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer Suddenlink

Terry leads the more than 130-person Suddenlink technical operations and engineering team. In addition to being a member of the WICT Midwest chapter and a vocal advocate for the WICT-SCTE Tech It Out initiative partnership, Terry is a long-standing member of SCTE, a three-term Board member, and now serves as vice chairman of the Board of Directors. In 2011 he was named to the year’s class of Cable TV Pioneers, was inducted into the SCTE Hall of Fame, served as chairman of SCTE’s Cable-Tec EXPO, and was named CTO of the Year by Multichannel News. Before Suddenlink, Terry was Division Vice President of Engineering for Charter Communications’ Southeast Division. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from Kansas State University.

The Value of WICT WICT to me means leadership, partnership, and growth. My favorite WICT touchstone is Know Yourself. Through my WICT journey I have grown as a person and leader and constantly reflect on who I am and what I am doing. I continually question myself if my decisions reflect who I truly am and if they do then I know I will succeed! ~ Sarah DeZell Director of Client Relations and Standards Comcast

The Value of WICT I joined WICT in 2002 and have been on the WICT Board of Directors for the Midwest Chapter since 2010. Through WICT, I have connected with a great number of women and men in our industry. Through these connections, I have not only been given great opportunities, I’ve made great friends. ~ Theresa Sunde Government Relations Supervisor Mediacom

The Value of WICT I believe my favorite touchstone is Inspire. If I can help inspire someone then I’ve passed down some of the other traits and touchstones in those actions, or at least I hope I’ve been able to reflect those attributes. We have such a great gift to be part of an organization that encompasses these qualities. ~ Mary Porter Vice President, HR Suddenlink

The Value of WICT Through WICT, I’ve worked side-by-side with colleagues I once merely waved to in the hallway. Now they are mentors and friends. At the WICT Leadership Conference, I learned more about setting career goals, developing my personal brand, and the importance of sharing with those who will come after me. ~ Lisa Shea Communications Coordinator Suddenlink

The Value of WICT My favorite WICT Touchstone is to be fearless. When I was a young woman new in the professional world, I always feared being judged or disliked – so I tried to blend in. Once I decided to be fearless and let my true colors come out, my unique talents emerged leaving me both happier and more fulfilled. Never be afraid to be yourself. ~ Jessica Miller XEC Store Manager Comcast

The Value of WICT I enjoy participating in WICT’s national and chapter programming. I take away valuable information that helps make me a better leader and employee. I value the opportunities provided by WICT, treasure the network of inspiring women I have met and continue to share insights I learn from my WICT experiences. ~ Erin Lorenz Senior Director, Information Technology Suddenlink

The Value of WICT Favorite Touchstone – Be A Catalyst…..I follow this Touchstone daily. By creating a new department within the organization in which I work, I reflect upon this touchstone frequently to keep me on track for setting high goals and standards. By believing in this touchstone, I have been very successful in my career. ~ Denise Farley Sr Director, Revenue & Assets Recovery Mediacom

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