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Module ‘Medical Law’

Almaty 2008-2009

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The course ‘Medical Law’ was tested at one of the Kazakhstani medical schools The pilot project "Medical Law" was introduced at Kazakhstan School of Public Health under the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2009 The audience – 2nd-year master students studying “Medicine”. Group size - 20 people. The course was introduced as an elective discipline. The format of the course - modular. The course consists of 2 credits (30 lecture hours + 60 hours of independent work of a student under the guidance of teacher (SRMP) + 60 hours of student’s independent work (SRS). The set of credits and scores was included in the transcript. The project was funded by the Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan.

As a result of the "Medical Law" study course students should be able to: apply laws and other normative legal acts regulating the legal relations in the health sector; properly prepare official medical documents, write primary medical records, prepare the documents necessary for the realization of the right to engage in medical activities; use legal mechanisms to protect the rights and legitimate interests of both medical workers and patients; evaluate and predict the legal consequences of violations by professional medical personnel, and determine possible legal ways to prevent medical violations.

It is expected to include the discipline ‘Medical Law’ to 1. State Educational Standard of Master Studies as Compulsory Component; 2. 10—months programme of ‘Management of Health care’ .

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