Miss Tilly`s Fabric Emporium

January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Writing, Spelling
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Miss Tilly’s Fabric Emporium Laura Tilstone Retailer of quality designer fabrics and pretty trims. Business is currently run online via an ecommerce website but with a recent move to a unit I will be running open days.

The SPEED Plus project I applied to help with advice on setting up and running my own business and also to access some much needed funding for start up. SPEED Plus has greatly benefited my business as it initially helped me to start up by helping with the costs for storage and to get the website up and running. It has then also funded my move to a unit as the programme has paid for the 1st years costs of the rent, utilities and business rates. I would have been unable to move to this unit if it was not for SPEED Plus. I have enjoyed working with other start ups and learning from their experiences as well as sharing my own. This has enabled myself and my business to develop whilst on the programme,

What advice would you give graduates considering applying for SPEED Plus? If you need that help and push at start up then do it, you have nothing to lose.

The Future In 2 years time I will have moved into a larger warehouse unit, have the workshops and sewing classes side to the business up and running and also the clothing arm fully established. The business currently is the retail arm only but I’ve grand ideas for the future pathways for my business.

“Thank you, thank you for such fabulous service. I can't believe I ordered late on a holiday evening and the fabric was here todayNew Years Eve! They are beautiful too. Thank you again“

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