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Quick-write • How did the events of September 11th change how Americans viewed their world? • How has it changed our culture?

MODERNISM (1914 – 1940)

Learning Target: I can summarize the tenants of modernism

What is Modernism? • Modernism reflects a loss of faith in traditional values and beliefs, including the American Dream. – Artistic/literary movement – Post World-War One – Pessimistic picture of culture in disarray – Modern poets goal = rid poetry of 19th century prettiness & sentimentality – Rejected 19th century optimism






Q: What are some factors that led people during this time period to lose faith in the American Dream? A: -World War I & disillusionment, -Increase in industrialization, -Unfair labor practices, -Excessive drinking

Characteristics of Modernism 1. instability

2. futility

3. pessimism

4. chaos

5. Loss of faith

6. Collapse of “Morality”

Prohibition, “flappers,” more open about sexuality, drug-use

7. Disillusionment: a feeling of

disappointment resulting from the discovery that something is not as good as one believed it to be

Characteristics of Modern Literature • New experiments with form and technique in both poetry and prose • A new kind of hero who is flawed and disillusioned yet honorable and courageous • Questioning of traditional beliefs and social structures

Introduction: “the seCond CoMing” BY: William Butler Yeats 1919 • After reading this poem, answer the following questions. • Then SOAPSTone the poem: – How is this a good example of modern poetry? – What kind of world did Yeats propose that we were entering when he wrote this poem? – How accurate was his prophecy for the future? – SOAPSTone

MODERNISM REVIEW and connection to

The Great Gatsby Learning Targets: • I can summarize the tenants of modernism • I can explain how an author’s choice contributes to overall meaning

What are the seven Characteristics of Modernism?

1. instability

2. futility

3. pessimism

4. chaos

5. Loss of faith

6. Collapse of “Morality”

7. Disillusionment

DIRECTIONS: In the box to the right of the picture, write down five details that you notice about the picture below (what does image include in the foreground, background? What colors are used? Is it inviting or uninviting? etc).

What aspects of this picture connect to the modernist characteristics? How does this picture reflect the ideals of this era?

Scene Capture: PURPOSE: to connect the characteristics of modernism to The Great Gatsby

STEP 1: Read the assigned passage aloud to your group. Take turns reading aloud to one another. STEP 2: Complete job A, B, C, or D (Themes: Hollowness of upper class, wealth as a of power, disillusionment, failure of American Dream) STEP 3: Present to the class your poster STEP 4: While listening, take notes on other groups’ presentations in your packet (there is a box for notes) STEP 5: Fill out the questions in the packet under the heading “Exit Slip”

Responding to Essential Questions Step 1: Write the Essential Question wordfor-word in your notes.

Step 2: Write 2-3 sentences relating to the question.

**Responses should be an initial reaction, personal experience, or answer to the question**

 Each theme topic relates to an essential question.  WRITE THESE DOWN and formulate a response to each.  Have essential questions in mind while reading.  These are just a few big ideas found in the novel.

• Not all have same opportunity • Hard work may not be as important as heredity • Do money & possessions equal happiness? • Fitzgerald’s wife, Zelda, would only marry him after he sold his first book,

This Side of Paradise.

Does America have a ruling class? Can just anyone grow up to be president?

Is there a dark side to the American Dream? Is it attainable for everyone?

What are the dangers of ambitiously following one’s dream?

Repeating the Past Essential Question #2: What does it mean to live in the past? Is constantly searching for the happiness of your past healthy?

• Post-WWI: chaos & destruction • Excess of violence

• Modernism: result of disillusionment w/ the world after WWI and a feeling that traditional customs and beliefs were outdated

• Widespread “immorality” – Excess of sex

– Excess of drugs/alcohol abuse – Flappers/Parties – Fitzgeralds were the “it” couple of Roaring 20s – Money & Prestige = goal of the individual

Given the immorality and decadence of the 1920s and today’s society, is the world spiritually and morally broken?

Is money necessary in order to achieve happiness? Can money buy happiness?

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