Module 4 Supervision - Access Workshop

January 8, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Business, Management, Sales
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Disclaimer In this workshop, we discuss legal issues. The information provided is not intended as legal advice/counsel. It is an overview of the issues. For assistance, please contact a Professional Services Consultant at the OPC Office at 1-800-701-2362.


Regulation Board Policy


Who do principals supervise?

Principals supervise: Students Teachers





VP  ECE Occasional  EA  Office Adm  Custodians 


School Staff 

Board Employees: Academic

Board Employees: Plant

Psychologist  Social Work  Speech/ Lang  Autistic Svs  Behaviour  Oth Supports

Contractors  Maintenance  Trades

By what authority do principals supervise Performance? Students


Students Staff Performance Authority to supervise Education Act R.S.O. 1990 298

Education Act R.S.O. 1990

Operations of Schools  X.0.1 New Teacher Induction & Reg. 266/06  306 Special Education Programs  X.2 Teacher Perf. Appraisal & Reg . 99/02 and Services  X.3 Designated ECE  308 - SALEP  XI – Supervisory Officers & Reg. 309  181/98 – Identification and  XI.1 – Performance Appraisal of Principals Placement of Exceptional Pupils  PPM 142 – School Board  Reg. 298 Operations of Schools Programs for Expelled Students  Ontario College of Teachers Act, 1996 PPM 146 – Revisions to Credit  Ontario Human Rights Code R.S.O. Requirements etc. 1990 Education Quality & Accountability Office Act, 1996

Board Policies that relate to the supervision of Performance



Special Education Plan  SALEP  Reporting to parents

Policies relating to:  New Teacher Induction  TPA  PPA  Performance appraisal of support staff  Collective Agreement

Accommodation of disability*

By what legal authority do principals supervise behaviour? Students


Authority to supervise behaviour Students


Ed. Act Part XIII Behaviour, Discipline & Safety  Ed Act 265 (m)  Reg. 298 Duties of P, T, and Pupil  Reg. 472/07 Behaviour, Discipline, and Safety of Pupils

PPM 144 Bullying Prevention  PPM145 Progressive Discipline 

Education Act R.S.O. 1990 Act X.O.1, X.2, X.3, XI, XI.1  Ontario Labour Relations Act S.O. 1995  Ontario Health & Safety Act R.S.O. 1990  Employment Standards Act 2000  Child & Family Services Act R.S.O. 1990  Ontario Human Rights Code R.S.O. 1990  Ontario College of Teachers Act 1996  O. Reg 437/97 Professional Misconduct

By what board policy do principals supervise behaviour? Students


Board policies that inform the supervision of behaviour Students


Safe Schools Policy  Bullying Prevention Policies  Code of Conduct

Collective Agreement  Occupational Health and Safety Policy  Child Protection Policy  Harassment Policy  DSB Discipline policy  Code of Conduct

Supervision of staff

Supervision of staff

Discipline/Performance Review: Delivering…

Triggers of complaints by staff 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Change Discipline* Performance Appraisal* Management Style* Mental Health* Meta-labour Relations

Supervision: Potential Complaints To: Employer Board

To: Tribunals

To: College of Teachers

To: Civil Justice (Lawsuit)

To: Criminal Justice

Alleging:  Harassment

Alleging:  Poor process

Alleging:  Prof. Misconduct  “Failure to supervise”

Alleging:  Injury, loss  Defamation


By: Union

By: Parent/ Teacher  Investigation Dispute Resolution Hearing Discipline

By: Parent

By: Police



By: Employees/union SO Investigation

Discipline Demotion Dismissal

Griev /Arb Lab Rel Bd OHR Tribunal

By: Parent SEAC/SEAB OHR Tribunal

Investigation  Examination for Discovery  Trial (rare) 

Assault  Theft 

Rare Investigation 



Typical Complaints: Human Rts or Workplace Harassment

The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

Allegations of Harassment: Typical Grievances

Allegations of Harassment: Responding with OPC Assistance

Principals do not supervise parents or visitors


Principles of Staff Supervision Be compassionate, fair, and brave Consult with Senior Staff Follow Board Policy Scrupulously Look for win-win situations Give clear notice of expectations Be proactive Keep an open mind Seek first to understand Be prepared Hope for the best; plan for the worst Trade short-term cost for long term benefit Pick your battles Don’t take it personally Aim for joint decision Show respect

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