Money, Banking and Financial Markets

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Business, Finance, Financial Markets
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Welcome to Economics The required textbook for this course is Lawrence M. Ball’s Money, Banking and Financial Markets, Second Edition.

(©2011, Worth Publishers)

A FREE Web site accompanies the book. Though not required, the site is a good way to check what you know and don’t know and get help with the more difficult course content.

Use the “Interactive Quizzes” to diagnose what you need to review after you’ve read the chapter. There are two quizzes for every chapter.

The “Interactive Flashcards” allow you to tutor and quiz yourself on important terms from the book.

Prefer an electronic copy of Money, Banking and Financial Markets, Second Edition? Go to Your required text is available online at a substantial discount! Features include: - Highlighting - Post-It-Notes - Easy access from any internet connection - Bookmarking - Google-style search function

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