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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Communications, Marketing
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ADISA Seminar - More ways to Attract and Engage New Clients Robert McKechnie April 17th 2013

The economy is tough…..

You are here!

The market is tough….. • Shorter lifecycles…..Laptops 2 years, Mobile phone 18 months1 • Transition to cloud-based services • Lower resale value of IT equipment • More ITADs than ever….approx 600 in UK • Increased focus on data security and environmental concerns • Supported by legislation 1- According to US EPA

How can we Survive and Thrive? • Think Strategic! • Innovate • Educate • Communicate

Strategic vs Tactical • What do I want to accomplish from a sales call? • Stock tactical answer “I want to make a sale” • Is that all? • What about these strategic objectives? – – – – –

Building brand loyalty Generating referrals Becoming the Most trusted Being seen as the Best expert Setting the buying criteria!

Strategic vs Tactical Example What does your business do? Tactical Answer: We are an IT Asset Disposal company Strategic Answer: We help our corporate clients manage their IT asset strategy by – Maximising their return on retired assets – Taking complete responsibility for Data Security and Environmental Compliance – Developing programmes that leverage assets for social good wherever possible

OKBoring! I’m happy now……. I’m I’m although leaving! still frowning



is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship. The act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth” – Peter Drucker

Innovation – Example #1 • Buy-back program provides client with guaranteed minimum price for at point of purchase •

Innovate – Example #2 • Managed Trade-in


"There are two educations. One should teach us how to make a living and the other how to live.“ - John Adams

A Sales Pitch? • Do we really want a sales pitch? • Hmmm…..perhaps not

• People don’t like to be sold but they like to buy!

Market Data vs Product Data • People are far more likely to respond when presented with information of value to them….. • Than they ever will to hear you sell your product or service! • Market data is much more motivational than product or service information!

Potential Buyer Pyramid Tactical Selling – Potentially OK



Open but Not Active


Not thinking about it

Strategic Selling – A MUST!!

Move Potential Buyers30% up theSoftpyramid!!! No: “I don’t think I’m 30% interested”

Not Interested Copyright © by Chet Holmes


Building your Core Story Step 1 – Research • Research industry over a 30-year period and look for trends • Resources – Internet search…..everybody has access – University study… – Engage an expert

Building your Core Story Step 2 – Look for Bad News! • Identify the “pain points” • This is what motivates people • Make sure data is reference able…..don’t make things up!

Building your Core Story Step 3 – Presentation of Data • Stack the info and cross reference • Format: Power point, video, brochures etc.

Building your Core Story Step 4 – Pitch your Service at End • First 75% should be compelling market data • Keep it educational e.g. “7 things to look for in a professional IT Asset Disposal company”….technology, process, certification, awards, warning signs


“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself” – Peter Drucker

Communication • Internet or Inbound Marketing • Direct contact – salespeople, customer service • Market education – trade shows, speaking engagements, white-board sessions • PR • Literature – brochures, case studies • Direct mail • Advertising

Best Buyer Strategy • Possibly fastest way to grow sales • Smaller number of “best buyers” than all buyers… • Easier and cheaper to market to… • They buy considerably more than your other customers (80/20 rule)

Best Buyer Strategy Goal of your Best Buyer Programme: • “I’ve never heard of this company” to • “What is this company I keep hearing about?” to • “I think I’ve heard of that company” to • “Yes, I’ve heard of that company” to • “Yes, I do business with that company

Best Buyer Process 1. Research & Select Best Buyers

6. Deliver the event (briefing, webinar etc)

2. Choose gifts

5. Conduct follow-up calls

3. Create Best Buyer Letters

4. Create Best Buyer calendar

Step 1 – Research & Select • Be clear on selection criteria: – Number of employees? – Value of company? – Revenue/Profit? – Location? – Industry sector? – Etc.

• Whatever else qualifies them to buy faster, more and more often than any other buyer

Step 2 – Choose Gifts • • • • •

You need to be noticed! Inexpensive (
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