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Getting Started With Microsoft® Mouse Mischief™

Mouse Mischief is a PowerPoint add-in that you use to create and play interactive, multiple-mouse presentations. Students participate in the presentations at the same time by using their own mice.

Locate the Multiple-Mouse Tab

The buttons for creating and playing multiple-mouse presentations are on this tab. We recommend that you view this tour in Normal view. Although most of the slides are static, some are actual multiple-mouse slides.

At the end of the tour, connect a few mice to your computer and click Play Slide Show to explore Mouse Mischief and create your own slides.

Is this a cube?  Yes

No 

 Teacher mouse pointer  One of the student mouse pointers Most of the slides in this tour, like this one, are static PowerPoint slides. Later, when you connect a few mice to your computer, you will see student mouse pointers like these on the multiple-mouse slides.

What You Can Do •

Create slides for interactive lessons and activities using buttons on the Multiple-Mouse tab.

Play lessons and activities that students can participate in at the same time using their own mice.

NOTE Always use the Play Slide Show button on the Multiple-Mouse tab.

You can assign an answer when you create the slide.

Students won’t see answers in the slides. A results pane displays when everyone has submitted an answer.

How Question/Answer Slides Work Create questions and assign answers.  Click New Slide.  Click Multiple Choice, and then select the number of choices you want.

 Assign an answer.

Playing Multiple-Mouse Presentations

Play Slide Show Mode: Step 1 Each time you play a presentation, you will need to complete a few steps before students can participate.

You will need to identify which mouse is yours, at which point, your mouse pointer becomes the orange arrow.*

*If you only have one mouse and want to test your presentation before class, use the keyboard to perform the teacher’s role. Press F7 when you see this page in Play Slide Show mode.

Play Slide Show Mode: Step 2 Determine if the students participate in teams or as individuals. Students play individually

Students play in teams

Each student has a different mouse pointer with its own picture.

Each student on a team has a mouse pointer with the same picture.

On each slide, all students respond to the same questions with their own answers.

Teams encourage collaboration. Everyone on the team must select the same answer to each question.

Mouse Mischief is designed for student interaction, not for scoring or assessment.

Play Slide Show Mode: Step 3a If you select Team mode, students click a picture to join a team. The pictures on this page represent teams.  When students click a picture, their mouse pointers change into the team picture.  The number at the top of each picture shows how many students have joined that team.  Top: mice on teams Bottom: remaining mice

Play Slide Show Mode: Step 3b If you select Individual mode, each student clicks inside the box to participate in the activity. On each multiple-mouse slide, students use their own mice to respond to the same question with their own answers.

Creating Multiple-Mouse Presentations

Multiple-Mouse Slide Types

Yes/No Questions

Multiple Choice Questions

Drawing Activities

Standard PowerPoint Slides





When you are in Play Slide Show mode, student mouse pointers appear in the three multiple-mouse slide types. If you insert standard PowerPoint slides into the presentation, these slides are static in Play Slide Show mode.

Is this a cube?



This is a sample Yes/No question slide created by a teacher. When you view this presentation in Play Slide Show mode, this is the first multiple-mouse slide that you will see displaying all the student mouse pointers.

Which shape is a trapezoid?

This is a sample Multiple Choice question slide created by a teacher.

Which looks like the moon to you?

This is a sample polling question slide—a multiple choice question without an answer. Use polling slides to initiate class discussions about opinion-based subjects.

Complete each geometric shape Triangle:



You can only use the drawing palette in Play Slide Show mode. See the next slide to see how a student completed this activity in the presentation.

This is a screenshot of the previous drawing slide, completed by a student using a mouse pointer as a drawing tool.

Angle types An acute angle measures less than 90 degrees.

An obtuse angle measures more than 90 degrees.

A right angle measures exactly 90° This is a sample of a standard PowerPoint slide. Use standard slides for creating instructional content in multiple-mouse presentations.

Sample Classroom Layout This illustration shows one possible classroom layout for 12 students: • • • •

projector screen 3 USB hubs 12 mice (wired and wireless)

This layout can be altered to accommodate more or fewer students.

Be careful how you lay out cables between system components. Cables can be tripping hazards. For detailed hardware setup information: See the topic “Set Up Mouse Mischief in the Classroom” in Mouse Mischief Help.

Explore Mouse Mischief Now that you’ve seen what you can create on the Multiple-Mouse tab, start exploring…

Connect a few mice to your computer, then click Play Slide Show to see how multiple-mouse features work.

Use the buttons on the Multiple-Mouse tab to create your own interactive slides.

Press CTRL+N in Normal view to create your first multiple-mouse presentation.

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