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MSW Field Orientation… the HEART of Social Work Education Vivian Hurt, MSW,CSW Field Director BSW and MSW Programs

Who’s Who in Field Placement

 Field Director-

Responsible for Placement contracts, matching students, trouble shooting

 Field Instructor-MSW, post 2 years  Field Liaison- faculty member responsible for coordination and oversight of placement

 Field Placement-agency where student is placed

 Task Supervisor- agency staff person who oversees daily activity, under guidance of Field Instructor.

MSW Field FOUNDATION YEAR 200 Hours First Semester 200 Hours Second Semester

CONCENTRATION YEAR 250 Hours First Semester 250 Hours Second Semester

 TOTAL 900 Hours in Field -Does not include Pre Field Orientation, Travel, or Agency Training (only 16 hours per semester)  Experiential in Nature and Focus  Application of theories and skills  Field courses are sequenced with PRACTICE Courses

Field Program Standards Professional Comportment

 Purpose of WKU MSW Program  To prepare exemplary social workers that are skilled in practice in rural sittings.  In keeping with this purpose, students are expected to possess, appreciate, be able to practice and continue to develop the following competencies.

10 Core Competencies          

Identifies as Professional SW Applies Ethical Principles Applies Critical Thinking/Professional Judgment Engages Diversity Advances Human Rights/Justice Engages in Research-Informed Practice and Practice-Informed Research Knowledge of Human Behavior/Social Environment Engages in Policy Practice to Advance Economic Well-being and Deliver Effective Social work Practice Responds to Contexts that Shape Practice Engages, Assesses, Intervenes, and Evaluates with Individuals, Families, Groups, Organizations, and Communities

CSWE and EPAS Program Goals and Objectives Core Competencies Field Evaluation

Field Application Process Student gives top 3 choices.

 Field Director and Student work together to find a “good fit”  Student approaches the placement process just like a job opportunity-always professional  Student “sells themselves” to the agency during the first contact and the interview

Agency-Field Instructor      

Visited/approved Current Contract/MOU Licensed/Exempt 2 years post degree experience willing to participate in teaching/learning abide by WKU field policy

Worksite Placements

(WKU does not guarantee Worksite Placement)

 Placements are carefully evaluated and developed  Placement “job tasks” are different from “regular work” each semester  Field Instructor and Employment Supervisor must be different  Must have a different Field Instructor each year  Involved in the Process     

Student Employment Supervisor Agency Administration Field Instructor Field Director (final approval)

Field Students Have realistic expectations Communicate with Field Director WATCH YOUR EMAIL Complete Pre-field ONLINE training Apply for Insurance Early Submit All Required Paperwork on Time  Responsible for Grade-Hours, journals, other      

assignments, “Beginning Competence” on objectivesPass/Fail

Student Concerns- Who Can Help  Anything involving the agency- go to the Field Instructor  Completing Hours, placement problems, grades, assignments- go to Liaison  If not resolved- FD takes to Program Director  You can always follow Grievance Policy

General Policy  University does not provide any travel reimbursement  Student is responsible for health, automobile and liability insurance (notify liaison/field director of health/safety hazards)  If you transport clients-WKU will not be responsible-student will (suggest rider)  Special Agency Requirements  TB, Criminal Checks, Employment

Student Behavior  Professional/Ethics  Represent WKU and Agency

 Confidentiality  Adhere to Personnel Practices/Use of Materials 

Sick, phone numbers, show initiative, responsible for learning

 Holidays  Work schedule is at the discretion of Field Instructor

Student Responsibility  Case Recordings  Agency protocol, transfer or closing summary

 Journals/Field Logs/Hours  Student Evaluation of Practicum  Keep Original Learning Plan and us it at all Evaluations

Have a Great “Field” Experience     

Visit the Field Website Often [email protected] Office Phone 745 8935 AC 114 Remember“Field Placement” is the HEART of SOCIAL WORK

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