MWP Philosophy and Methodology

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science, Government
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Modern Whig Philosophy & Methodology

Modern Whig Philosophy  These are principles, or a framework from which the

ideas of the Modern Whig Party emerge.  This framework was created as a solutions to the ineffectiveness of our current systems of government to make good public policy.  All Americans regardless of socioeconomic status are effected by poorly managed government.  The Modern Whig Party is a moderate or centrist organization that is pragmatic in thought and action when it comes to politics and public service.

Modern Whig Philosophy As manifest as traditional national policy planks  FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY - Any action of the government must  

   

respect principles of fiscal responsibility and public accountability. ENERGY INDEPENDENCE - Develop practical domestic energy sources to reduce dependence on foreign energy sources. STATE'S RESPONSIBILITY - Each state can generally determine its course of action based on local values and unique needs. SOCIAL ACCEPTANCE - When the government is compelled to legislate morality (laws), every citizen should be considered as equal. ECONOMIC, EDUCATION, AND SCIENTIFIC ADVANCEMENT Increase public and private emphasis on math and science to promote American innovation to compete in the global economy. VETERANS AFFAIRS - Vigilant advocacy relating to the medical, financial, and overall well-being of our military families and veterans. REPRESENTATION- eliminating, or radically curtailing influence by non-citizen groups in government. Reviewing electoral methods to ensure proper citizen representation.

Modern Whig Philosophy  Pragmatic, balanced and non-ideological approach to public    

policy puts the American people first. Solutions-oriented, methodological yet flexible in approach towards ‘centrist’ policy proposals. Greater citizen participation in the formation of public policy. Highly informed citizens is the new normal. Focus on core issues that affect all Americans as a whole, not just one group or a few special interest issues. Freedom of political thought and action, not stuck on ideology. Historical political truths are replaced by new truths and realities as citizens participate without prior bias using only modern Whig and basic Constitutional guidelines.

Modern Whig Philosophy  Therefore this is not a traditional political party, nor a

traditional party platform. We believe that traditional solutions will remain ineffective.  Whigs practice independent thought, stress citizen participation, want the curtailment of lobby interests, a review of electoral methods, all to ensure a healthy Republic .  These are not policies nor are they ideology. It is a philosophy that stresses method, and seeks to refine or rebuild the methodologies of our representation.

Methodology over Ideology  Methodology goes hand in hand with the MWP philosophy.  Methodology are the tools, or methods that the Whigs use to

empower our members and American citizens to take action and make their voice heard. Methodology teaches members and citizens not what to think but how to think and act on the issues they care about, develop their own ideas for policy based off of the Whig framework principles, which affect all Americans.  Methodology along with the MWP philosophy will bring forth a NEW SYSTEM OF REPRESENTATION that would serve as more proper stewardship of our democratic Republic.  How???

Methodology Tools  Whig Action Tools will empower Americans to make their voice heard. 

  

These will be informational and educational to the voters. Whig Associations will form to collaborate on ideas for policy. These ideas can be presented to candidates and the MWP. People can collaborate with others on ideas, research and debate in a civil manner. Candidates, citizens, and members can interact directly on an issue and policy level as well as personal. Civic Profiles-members and candidates will create civic profiles that track military and/or community service, and involvement in the MWP. These will serve as the candidates public biography. Whig Academy- new members interested in running for office can take classes on debate, Whig philosophy, US history, public service, and fiscal administration. This empowers citizens to run for office. Videos, presentations, forums, flyers, and documents that will help guide members to act and vote in their local areas and states.

Whig Associations Whig Academy

**This Helps make a Whig** EDU EN BUS MIL Pick a issue

All Three helps creates a Knowledgeable, Pragmatic, Methodological, & Open-minded Whig

Whig Tools

Choose a Association

Whig Associations

-Vote -Whig Proposed Policies -Debate & Presenting -Research & Data -Defining the Problem

TAX MGT ETH FIN Write a ‘White Paper’ or debate with others Issues Define


Research Debate Propose Vote

*End Result*

In Action Whig Academy

Whig Leadership

Civic Profiles & Whig Operations Whig Associations

Whig Associations

Active Member

General Member

Whig Tools

Whig Academy Non-Active Member

Knowledgeable, Efficient, Pragmatic, Openminded, & Methodological Whig Leader

Knowledgeable, Pragmatic, Methodological, & Open-minded Whig

Example of MWP philosophy & Methodology in action  Members want to establish an Association to put forth a solutions to the principle of Energy Independence.  The members research various solutions and posts in MWP Forums/Associations their research, they set up a collaborative polling forum within the Association for public participation as well as an expert debate for public viewing. Using the public input data, the members decide they support and propose the Pickens Plan ( for example) for energy independence.  They present this idea to candidates with the polling data and candidates who agree with this can build a base from this solutions supporters.  Also the member/s can propose that the MWP adopts the Pickens Plan as a policy proposal ( commonly known as platform plank) to solve Energy Independence. The members of the MWP can vote on this issue to be adopted or the leaders of the MWP can vote to adopt this issue.  Other solutions other than the Pickens Plan may be proposed and adopted by the MWP. Candidates may adopt other solutions other than the Pickens Plan to solve Energy Independence.  Any solution that becomes out dated due to world or American events, or is proven to not be effective for the American people, the MWP and members have the flexibility to adapt to a better solution. The iterative process starts from the beginning again.  This is not wishy washy or indecisive, this is common sense and effective action to put forth the strongest and most effective solutions to issues. We the people become the experts, and we the people cannot be directly influenced by special interests.

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