My NCBI and NIH Public Access Policy

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Business, Management
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URA/SAA Town Hall Meeting

June 19, 2013

URA Updates 

New Staff         

Joanne Altieri – Associate Director, Grants Management Michael Daniel – Assistant Director, Contracts Management Olivia Cochet – IACUC/IBC Administrator Denise Dooley – Grants/Contracts Manager, Grants Management Istvan Fekete – Grants/Contracts Manager, Contracts Management Monika Lagaard – Grants/Contracts Administrator, Grants Management Joanne Laios – Grants/Contracts Manager, Grants Management Laura Lindley – Grants/Contracts Manager, Grants Management Lindsay Pearson – Grants/Contracts Manager, Grants Management

Sequestration 

Requires that NIH cut 5% or $1.55B for its FY’13 budget. Agency must apply the cuts evenly. Reductions to non competing project grants approximately 4.7%

Information is from NIH fact sheet 6/3/13 – Impact of Sequestration

Sequestration 

 

Approximately 700 fewer competitive research project grants issued. No increase in stipends for National Research Service Award recipients in FY2013 No funding for inflationary increases Paylines have been adjusted

AURA-COI Enhancements  

AURA-COI off-line July 8-22 for UCMC updates Enhancements for August 2013  COI Module 

Adding COI CITI Training Date

IRB Module 

On Research Summary Team View 1.3   

Adding COI Disclosure Date* Adding COI Management Plan Date* COI CITI Training Date*

Grants Module 

On View 2.0c PI/Fellow and View 8.0 Project Personnel   

Adding COI Disclosure Date* * Data sourced and updated from AURA-COI COI CITI Training Date* Question: Does this person meet the definition of PHS Investigator?

NIH Public Access Requirement 

With change to RPPR submissions, NIH is enforcing their Public Access Requirement for PMCID’s for all peer review publications funded by NIH. New Awards will be delayed for non-compliance with the PMCID requirement PI checklist on URA website: es/nih_public_access.shtml

Processing No-Cost Extensions in AURA 

New Process 

URA will add a New Budget Period 

 

URA will execute Update Award Amounts PC updates PI effort  

Will clearly show the “no-cost” period for reporting

must be “similar” to funded periods (paid or unpaid) Update base salary to $0 for NCE

URA Checklist: URA)

No Cost Extension (NCE) Checklist (Unit &

Closeout Reports 

All federal agencies cracking down on Progress/Final reports (esp. NIH) Real threat of losing funding

Documents Required w/i 90 Days of End of Competitive Cycle 

Final Federal Financial Report – SAA/unit closeout Final Progress Report – if the competing renewal is funded then this is not needed until the end of the next competitive cycle (PI REQUIREMENT) Final Invention Report – must match information submitted on progress reports and filed through UC Tech into iEdison; due at the end of each NIH competitive segment

NIH Late Closeout Reports 

Search Commons for Closeout Reports

AURA-Grants Close Out Process 

Need Help?  

Check out new URA guidelines – will be posted soon! Contact URA-M for assistance

Research Administrator Training Program Training Advisory Committee:  Campus: Shikha Evans (SSD), Suzanne Fournier (SSA), Katie Pizer (BSD), Hank Way (PSD), Lauren Zajac (BSD)  SAA: Mary Beth Rudofski  URA: Joanne Altieri, Steve Aldape, Candace Washington, Lynda Wolter

Research Administrator Training Program 

Program Goals:  

  

increase competency and knowledge support faculty and research administrators streamline process and reduce administrative burden ensure research administration compliance create a well-known repository of resources

Three Levels of Training 

Introduction to Research Administration 

Core Curriculum 

Overview, basic concepts/language, UC culture

Full life cycle of research administration topics from pre-award through audit

Specialty Course Offerings 

In-depth training on specific topics – to be added as needed/requested

Research Administrator Training Program Target Audience:  Any staff member with sponsored program responsibilities Timeline:  Summer – develop program and content  Fall- enter first cohort of trainees (Target: Sept.)

New Award Processing at URA 

Submit ALL new award documents received outside of URA to: 

[email protected]

Provides one place for effective and efficient awards management and tracking

Year End Reminders The hunt for money!  Process all proposals in PENDING state (or change due date in AURA)  Make sure all awards are in URA’s hands for processing!   

Does the PI have an award that we haven’t seen yet? Awards issued on or before June 30 will be included in FY2013 Annual Report Advance accounts – please make sure to submit the award document as soon as it is received.

SAA Updates 

New Staff 

Henry Hoang, Financial Analyst, Receivable Management Fai Brimah, Post-Award Analyst, Post-Award Services

Sponsored Award Audit Activity UC has been subject to various audits for FY13:  To date, 8 external audits have been completed  6 external audits are in process Lessons Learned:  Documentation support is best kept with the transaction (e.g. detailed invoice support from subrecipients)  Paid invoices should reflect work completed  Emphasis on past due financial reports  Equipment tagging and tracking is a major area of focus

FY13 Effort Reporting Timeline July 2013

October 2013

• Preliminary Annual Certification Statements (ACSs) distributed • Monthly employees only

• ACS training sessions • Final payroll deadlines for FY13 effort periods

• Final ACSs distributed November • By individual for monthly employees / by account for biweekly staff 2013

• Signed ACSs due back to Financial Services January 2014

Open Forum 

Other topics/questions?

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