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January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Health Science, Endocrinology
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Stress Management Techniques Ways to cope with Stress

Stress Management Mind Map

Stress Relief Strategies Exercise - proven to relax the body and mind

Laughter - relaxes the whole body, releases endorphins protects the heart, and boosts the immune system Sleep - renews the body and mind


Being Mindful Means:

Live in the moment

Only worry about what is happening right now!


It’s Free

It’s Easy It’s AMAZING!

How to Meditate

Meditation Some of the Benefits: •Improved Ability to Focus •Deeper Level of Relaxation •Improved Perception and Memory

•Decrease in Stress Hormone •Lower Blood Pressure •Reduced Need for Medical Care •Greater Orderliness of Brain Functioning

Positive Self -Talk •

Change your script

Be Positive

Don’t put yourself down

Believe you can do anything Know you are amazing!

Time-Management •

Don’t over-schedule yourself

Do NOT procrastinate

Schedule time to relax or enjoy a hobby everyday Prioritize Do the things that will lead you to your goals.

Summary 




Positive Self Talk

Enjoy a hobby

Have FUN!

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