Narcissus and Echo

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Music, Music History
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Meaning of the story Art In the history of Italian literature In the history of foreign literature Music The story nowadays

Meaning of the story • Narcissus and Eco: both cursed • Egoism • Everybody is egoistic, even if we don’t know that it is ourselves who we love


Eco and Narcissus, 1903

John William Waterhouse Echo and NarcissusType:Art PrintSubject:Art Movement - RealismSize (cm):60 x 80Size (''):24 x 31Availability:24 Hours

Art NARCISSUS 1579-99

Caravaggio, narcisus, 1579-99. oil on canvas. 112x 92 cm. National Gallery of Antique Art, Roma. Description

In the history of italian literature • Torquato Tasso, he lived during the CounterReformation in the XVI century and his masterpiece is Gerusalemme Liberata, an epic poems. He took inspiration from the Iliade and Eneide.

In the history of italian literature • Marini, he is a poet who lived in the XVII century, Baroque. He wrote Modrigali about love. He deals with the theme of the mirror, taken from the myth of Narcissus and Eco.

In the history in foreign literature • Based on the story • Characters • Referred to the story

Music • Around 1300, Guilliaume de Machout • 20th century, Bob Dylan : License to kill • Genesis has a 23-minute during song with references to the myth. • Also other genres, like rock and metal

The story nowadays •The narcissism of today is obsessed with body care to live longer and the fear of an uncertain future, making it an be very fragile and uneasy

The End Thank you for listening and have a nice evening. Thomas, Daniel, Benedetta, Sabrina, Marta, Victoria and Nils

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