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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Writing, Journalism
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Mind the Gap Nela Gudelj

OUR MISSION Croatian Radio Television is the only public service media in Croatia. Its mission is to serve Croatian audience with high quality programmes which inform, educate and entertain

ITS GOAL IS TO • Become a functionally integrated multimedia organisation with fully digitised archives, improved production and business processes • Deliver dynamic high quality programme on all the platforms to reach for audience on all devices • To encourage personnel and technological development

Challenges • Produce more of high quality content with less manpower • To adopt and adapt to new technologies • Multiplication of Skills: bridge the gap from Mono to Bi- to Tri to Multimedia Skills

Nothing is anymore the same, they know better

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Outdated organisation per media

NEW ORGANISATION Croatian Radio Television Administration support Programme



Business affairs

A modern multimedia functional organisation


Digital is living, evolving, limitless Digital news is a constantly updated, changed, moved, developed ongoing conversation and collaboration “It is a return to the pre – Gutenberg state which fixed the news in a fixed format to the previous ways news had been passed around as unfiltered, multidirectional exchange of information as if you went to the agora after lunch in the town square of the Ancient Greece” Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter

Open web helps build interaction with (former) audience

A new era journalist is a part of the web ecosystem and puts the reader/listener/viewer at the heart of his/her creation

Content and technology To produce impactful and innovative digital journalism everybody in the production chain have to work together to create quality content for all platforms that will engage audience Job descriptions overlap, no more clear division Multi - competences count! Innovation comes from collaboration (Antoine Laurent, GEN’s deputy director) Global Editors Network

The feed dominates online contents consumption News older than 10 seconds is old news! Video sharing on Vine surpassed 40 million registered users! Twitter topped 200 million users!

The Age of the Platform Before deciding what comes first in digital, media outlets must figure out right production workflows Content remains the king IT based production facilitates creativity, content production and distribution! Never forget “old school” . Reliable, high quality, impartiality and relevant journalism of public interest available anytime anywhere!  The digital environment help us reach the audience in ways we could not imagine before New age journalism becomes participatory and engaging

What Skills for the Age of the Platform New positions continuously emerge and evolve which reflect changes in how news is produced and consumed That demands a Digital First curriculum to teach a modern journalism:writing, photography, and editing, reporting from the field using mobile device or tablet, graphic design with a focus on web and mobile delivery, social media techniques Curricula should reflect the future of the media not its past

The new converged Newsrooms

Whole life learning in a modern media house is a must  On the job training  Constantly developing new workflows – new competences  Learning from the best among peers: a championship model  Learning from the best in industry, a constant benchmarking

 Learning from the specilized training providers  Becoming a digitally taught if not digital native  Taking onboard digitally natives

Whole life learning in a modern media house is a must  constantly updated internal curricula  continuous workforce renewal:generation Y  onboarding programmes and youth employability schemes through structured apprenticeships and projects

 Developing closer cooperation with training providers for cutting edge contents in order to build and update media-relevant curricula

Challenges of Skills on Wheels  Show must go on 24/7: it is hard to find time to teach and learn  Operational daily issues  The best ones are always overloaded

2014 reflected, bye bye analogue  Internal multimedial training for correspondents  Mobile jurnalism training MoJo: shooting with a mobile phone  Internal training for tapeless production in HRT regional centres  e-learning pilot:kick off October 2014.  e-accessiblity of programme contents for hard of hearing and with impaired vision: kick off 2015

 Mobility schemes through LDV  Apprenticeships (Faculties, secondary schools)  Internal leadership programmes  A pilot interactive web documentary  Eurovision Academy capacity building programme

Future reflected HRT Academy is out there, come and join us Facebook Centre Twitter You tube ?v=lBBWxr7ySUQ 

   

Obligatory curricula for all the professionals Know-how pages Media excelence center Summer media Academy m/watch?v=bqoyUE 70UUc Fliboard

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