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network November 13, 2013 Kiwanis Senior’s Community Centre

Agenda • Welcome • Working Group Year 1 Updates

3:00 pm BREAK • Working Group Year 1 Updates • Age Friendly London Survey Update

• Next Network Meeting Dates


VISION A diverse, vibrant, caring and healthy community which empowers all individuals to age well and have opportunities to achieve their full potential.


Updates • Age Friendly London Network launched May 2013 – Currently 147 members and over 40 organizations – Still looking for members on many of the Working Groups – Continued need for support at the Working Group meetings – note taking, followup on tasks etc.

• Michelle Dellamora new Age Friendly Coordinator at the City of London supporting Paul and Donna for the next few months


Updates • Presentation to the 2nd International Conference on Age Friendly Cities, Quebec Sept. 9-11 Theme: Living & Aging Together in Our Community – Met with many other communities from across Canada and around the world who are doing similar work

• International Federation on Ageing – International Istanbul Initiative on Ageing – Age Friendly Cities and Communities Innovation Awards submission of application and video



Sharing – – – – – – – – – – – –

WHO Age Friendly Cities Network International Council on Active Aging International Federation of Aging Association of American Retired Persons Pan Canadian Age Friendly Communities Network, Public Health Agency of Canada Federation of Canadian Municipalities Canadian Urban Institute Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Ontario Seniors Secretariat Association of Municipalities of Ontario Age Friendly Communities (Waterloo) Institute for Research on Public Policy (Toronto) 7

Sharing our Message


Working Group Updates • Co-Chairs to present today on the Year 1 activities they are undertaking • Next meeting in March you will be able to share in much more detail some of the great work happening in your Working Groups • Handout of Year 1 Updates


Age Friendly London Network Outdoor Spaces & Buildings Community Support & Health Services

Communication & Information


Age Friendly London Network

Civic Participation & Employment


Social Participation Respect & Social Inclusion


Outdoor Spaces & Buildings Development of multi-purpose recreation /community centres o Involve working group in broad consultation in update to Parks and Recreation Strategic Master Plan in 2014

Support Adopt-A-Park o Challenge to Network!

Support Clean and Green Initiative Support Walk to Shop In new or repurposed community centres: o Older adults participate in design o Accessibility standards met or exceeded o Older adult program needs are considered in design


Outdoor Spaces & Buildings Investigate Age Friendly Park Design (YEAR 2 Project) o Student Project – Literature Scan and Parks Survey

Improve sharing of pathway and trail systems for pedestrians and others Develop rules for electric bikes using pathways and trails o Amendment to Parks By-Law (this fall)

Identify priority areas in city that need improved connectivity of sidewalks, trails and pathways o Review current coverage and map plans for pathway expansion o Identify priority areas and advocate for projects 12

Outdoor Spaces & Buildings Increase number of benches along trails and pathways o Inventory current locations of benches and prioritize areas of need for 2014 o Build awareness of Commemorative Bench program and sponsorship and advertising opportunities

Improve readability of street signs o Refer to Transportation Working Group

Investigate best practices around Age Friendly Businesses o Student project completed best practices document o Review document

Increase number of community gardens o Strategic Plan under development 13

Transportation Develop comprehensive document to raise awareness of transportation supports available to older adults o Co-chair provided committee with copy of London & Area Transportation Information brochure from the Seniors Community Association for review and possible incorporation into “Spectrum” magazine Encourage community partners to engage LTC through Get On Board program

Work with LTC to hold yearly Town Hall meetings o LTC has been holding Town Hall meetings since 2012 Older adult representative on the Accessible Public Transit Service Advisory Committee o Bonnie Quesnel, a member of this committee, is co-chair of APTSAC. 14

Transportation Develop education & training program for drivers (LTC, taxis etc.) o Training to deal with passengers with disabilities and mobility aids, as well as older passengers is already provided by LTC.

o Committee must engage taxi licencing group to develop training for taxi industry (assuming that it isn’t already provided). Improve pedestrian safety at crossings o Discussion at committee that CoL has already taken steps to improve safety: installation of countdown timers, tactile surfaces at sidewalk approaches, etc.


Transportation Work to still be addressed: • Petition province to change traffic laws to improve pedestrian & cyclist safety at roundabouts • Increase, improve, and maintain bike lanes and paths • Provide more bicycle parking • Consider longer maximum times on downtown parking meters • Advocate malls and hospitals to set aside spaces for seniors only parking 16

Housing Older adult participation in community Housing Strategy updates o Invitation to AFL Housing working group to attend National Housing Day event to hear about 10 year Homeless Prevention &

Housing Plan Update Housing Directory to include definitions & accessible & subsidized housing

o Reviewing current directories for suggested AFL amendments Investigate potential housing models/options/best practices for older adults o Discussions with UWO to recruit student researchers 17

Social Participation • Inventory available space in neighbourhoods including churches, schools, apartment buildings, libraries, city facilities, retirement homes o London Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership, Health and Wellbeing sub-committee is mapping shared spaces for recreation and leisure opportunities currently and will be sharing this info with the committee • Foster partnerships and improve access to space o Update the current recreation and leisure guide to get a better idea of possible partnerships that can be developed • Advertise age friendly amenities of facilities o Follow up with the Older Adult Centres Association of Ontario standards to see if this fits with AF initiatives


Social Participation • Investigate opportunities to continue support for Seniors Neighbourhood Advisory Councils (SNACs) o Invite SNAC co-ordinators to committee • Develop a program that matches immigrant /newcomer seniors with other Londoners to assist in engagement and participation o A committee has been formed to look at isolated and immigrant seniors needs • Develop a “Doors Open” event for older adults (facilities, services, retirement homes etc.) (YEAR 2 Project) o We are currently looking at the Recreation and Leisure fair (REXPO) to see if we can expand this 19

Social Participation Hold an annual Age Friendly London Conference o The Council for London Seniors is currently discussing hosting the next conference again for June 2014 Develop more opportunities for older adults to learn about technology from other older adults o We have compiled a list of what is currently available and discussed how these centres can share resources Determine the program and service needs and barriers to participation of isolated seniors through a survey/research (YEAR 2 Project) o Currently working with UWO students who are investigating a rating system 20

Social Participation Expand LEAP (Leisure Education Awareness Program) program to train other groups to follow the approach to bring people into activities through transition approaches o Currently looking at satellite locations Encourage large building managers/landlords to have greater connection to their senior residents o Follow-up with London Housing, who is looking into what is offered in their buildings o Connect with the Cherryhill Healthy Aging Program (VON) regarding Wellness Link program in various buildings Identify which facilities/ gathering places could serve as key places to go to find information and get connected o We have identified a number of key places


Respect & Social Inclusion Review of current intergenerational programs & identify best practices o Identify programs that may be relevant to our community and interview seniors for their input o Make recommendations on programs that may be implemented or enhanced in our community Inventory events that recognize senior accomplishments in our community as well as other communities o Identify a strategy that we may want to implement


Respect & Social Inclusion Work still to be addressed: • Create an Advocacy committee of the Network that can coordinate work to Stop Ageism • Encourage seniors & support networks to become educated & empowered • Provide family education sessions on how to support aging family members


Civic Participation & Employment Identify Key Networks for Working Group Civic Participation: • Pillar Nonprofit Network • London and Area Association for Volunteer Administration (LAVA) Employment: • Over 55 (London) Inc. • Employment Sector Council London-Middlesex


Civic Participation & Employment Civic Participation Focus for Year 1

Research Barriers & Benefits of Volunteering: • Recruited Western Health Sciences 4th Year Students (Gerontology in Practice) • Completed literature scan, focus group, and a series of interviews of older persons • Engaged Rogers TV to produce a valuable promotional video promoting volunteerism


Civic Participation & Employment Employment Focus for Year 1 Investigate community and online resources:

• Identified training and employment opportunities for older adults • Compiled agency connections for potential workers facing barriers to employment

• Listed relevant organizations and web links


Civic Participation & Employment Nonprofits across Canada and in The Forest City

Education & Research

Volunteerism & Fundraising

Arts & Culture

Sports & Recreation

Social Services


Faith Environment 27

Community Support & Health Services Develop a broad working definition of caregiver & identify caregiver needs o Have identified a broad definition of caregiving o Identified significant information resources for caregivers o Gain understanding of any significant gaps in support. Review comprehensiveness of information available on the Caregiver Exchange o Strategize how the information is made aware of and available to caregivers.


Community Support & Health Services Investigate opportunities for respite care in London & raise awareness of these opportunities o Review existing wait times for services. o Review costs involved and if it acts as a barrier. o Determine how the present information is known and available to the public.

Amend Zoning By-Law definition of daycare to include adult caregiving o Completed Investigate development of a phone or visitor “check-in” service for isolated older adults o Determine whether telephone check-in services do exist and if so to 29 whom and how they operate and their funding source.

Community Support & Health Services Raise awareness & monitor implementation of the Senior Friendly Hospitals Framework o Contact key representatives at LHSC and SJHC Create a comprehensive list of home care supports available o Link with the Information Task Group to strategize how the information is made available to the public. Coordination of prevention & education opportunities related to health promotion through Stepping Out Safety Partnership o Contact the Stepping Out Safely Program


Community Support & Health Services Work to still be addressed: • Develop a volunteer program for multi-lingual ‘system navigators’ • Investigate best practices and develop education series on self-managed healthcare


Communication & Information Connect with Information London/ Seniors/Senior’s Helpline/2-1-1 to determine scope of information available o Materials collected & sources documented with WG membership reflective of key community partners Coordinate efforts around access to information across the community o Discussion & research has commenced re: future One-Stop Sr. Info locations o Possible service providers have been identified & further discussion is planned o Yr. 3 objective of updating & publishing the Healthline’s Seniors Scene achieved 32

Communication & Information Identify what information older adults are looking for & how they prefer to access it o WG has brainstormed attributes of information needed & further details required from AFL baseline survey & subject-specific Working Groups o Closer collaboration with all WGs & community through minutes & meetings to be pursued Create a Facebook page for older adults to share information & ideas o Deferred until revamped COL website can be reviewed o Considering use of e-blasts and COL website as a more sustainable option 33

Communication & Information Investigate possibility of creating a Seniors’-only Spectrum & sorting by neighbourhood o Past Spectrum editions have been reviewed & recommendations for improvement noted (program order, format, font size & colour & search capabilities all identified) – meeting to be held with Spectrum staff in Jan. /14 to cultivate advisory relationship Provide agencies & organizations with networking opportunities o C & I WG membership includes key information providers o Future plans include increased collaboration with other AFLN Working Groups & outreach to other community associations & networks 34

Communication & Information New Item: Develop a branding strategy (create AFL logo, communications plan) o Sub-committee of WG formed to advise on usage, best method for development & design o Rough logo drafts have been selected for consideration by full AFLN at Nov. mtg. o C & I WG consulted on content/format of AFLN communications materials o More discussion needed on C & I WG involvement in communications plan


Age Friendly Survey Results 

3,000 mail out surveys in April, 2013

3,000 Snowball (convenience) sampling began in May 2013

A total of 697 surveys were returned 

322 from mail-out

375 from snowball

Mail-out response rate of 10.7% completed

Surveys missing over 20% of responses were excluded from analysis. 21 surveys eliminated

Total of 676 included in analysis


Age Friendly Survey Results

Michelle Dellamora City of London Age Friendly Coordinator [email protected] (519)-661-2500 ext 7208


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Network Check-in Meeting Tuesday, March 4, 2014 @ 2:00 – 4:00pm Kiwanis Seniors Community Centre

Annual Network Meeting Thursday June 19, 2014 @ 2:00 – 4:00pm Kiwanis Seniors Community Centre

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