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January 12, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Engineering & Technology, Computer Science, Computer Networks
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Welcome to the UVU IT Service Desk

Agenda 1. Getting Procedures Help 2. Network & EMail 3. UVLink Portal 4. Professional Web Pages 5. Security

6. Outages & Emergencies 7. Software

Getting Help Phone – 863-8888  M-Th 7 am – 10 pm  Fri 7 am – 6 pm  Sat 8 am – 5 pm Walk-in  BA007  M-F 7 am - 6 pm Email  [email protected] Service Desk Web page   Self Service Portal: Urgent problems, Updates, FAQ, and Knowledgebase  Live Help chat button on Service Desk web page and UVLink Help Tab


Getting Help UVLink Portal  Help Tab  Get Help Channel  Link to Self Help - search Knowledgebase or submit work order  Software Downloads  Software available to faculty/staff/students

Getting Help Department Help 

In most cases, computer problems are reported to the Service Desk and the problem is logged.

Many problems can be helped over the phone by a Service Desk technician.

Most service orders get a response within 24-hours.

If you need equipment or have questions about your new hire status, work with your department Administrative Assistant.

Most schools/Departments have desktop technicians in their buildings.

Network/EMail Access Network Access 

Access is granted when a department sends in the ePAF (New Hire paperwork) and it is fully approved

Check with your Administrative Assistant for the status of your paperwork

Username and Password  Username is UV ID  Password is 6-digit birthdate by default (mmddyy format)  Password should be changed  Standard for network, UVLink, Email, and Canvas

Password Changes  Can only be done in UVLink and will change for all systems  Password requirements must be met  Length must be 8 or greater, 20 or less  Must contain a letter  Must contain a digit  Must contain a special character: [email protected]#$%^&*()_+|~`=-{}[];:"',.?/

Network/EMail Access 

Access to S: and U: drives  Off-campus access through VPN connection

 

Access to network computers  Username is UVID 

Call x8888 for assistance

Password is standard UVLink password

Access to Media-Enhanced Classrooms  Username is UVID for podium and computer 

Password is not required for podium

Computer password is standard UVLink password

Network Connectivity Wired Access  When in an office, it is preferred that you use the wired network.  Each classroom has one active network port available at the teacher’s station. You provide the network cable. Wireless Access – Provided by Bradford  SSID’s: Wolverine-Wifi, WolverineSecure.  Wolverine-Secure is recommended.  Report if wireless access doesn’t work in a classroom.  One-time setup and registration for all your wireless devices.

Wireless Come to the Service Desk in BA007 for help with  Getting connected to Wireless network  1st time registration issues  Installing Antivirus software  Getting mobile devices (phones, iPads, etc.) connected to the network Wireless workshop  Held during the first week of Fall and Spring semesters  Contact the Service Desk at 863-8888 for location, dates, and times

EMail University Email Systems There are 3 separate Email systems on Campus:  Outlook/Exchange – official Email for faculty and staff. Email account name should be changed in the Address Change Utility.   Login using your UVID and password 

UVLink mail – official Email for students; also available to faculty and staff but can forward to Outlook. [email protected] Account name cannot be changed.

Canvas – available to faculty and students inside the course management system; convenient for keeping messages separated by course.

EMail Configuring your Email Account

 New employees must configure their Email address before using – otherwise the address will be [email protected] and some messages will not be delivered.  Configure your account at  Select Guidelines for Use, Introduction for New Users. Click the Address Utility link.



Exchange Email using an Outlook client provides employees with calendaring and other advanced features. Not available to students.

Click the Email link from the UVU home page to use the Outlook Web Access client (

Download the Microsoft Office 2013 suite from UVLink to use the Outlook client at home.

Call the Service Desk at x8888 or have your area technician install on your campus computer.

Rules and Forwarding 

Auto-forwarding rules from your Exchange Email account to external addresses are not allowed. If you have a need to forward to another email please talk with the Service Desk to find the best solution for you.

Can set up POP or IMAP on a third-party Email client (such as Outlook or Thunderbird client on Gmail, Yahoo, etc.).

EMail Outlook/Exchange 

Mailbox Quota  All folders count against quota. Save important messages and large files to your hard drive or network drive.

Can request an archive account. Call Service Desk at x8888.

Files over 25MB cannot be transferred through Email. Use Big File Transfer (BFT).   More information available at

It is against Campus Policy to send any Email to all or very large groups of users on campus.  Send message through UVAnnounce in UVLINK  The President can send an Email to all employees

If you receive SPAM, forward it as an attachment to [email protected]

EMail LINK Mail  Login to UVLINK. Email address is [email protected]  Please setup auto-forward to avoid missing/losing critical information(this is not a permanent account).  When forwarding, use [email protected] as the forwarding address

 DO NOT USE AS PERMENANT ACCOUNT. Linkmail account messages cannot be retrieved if lost/deleted.  Messages are deleted after135 days.

EMail EMail Firewall  MailMarshal is UVU’s spam/virus firewall for Exchange and UVLink Mail.  Access at this URL: Console.  Login with uvu\UVID and UVLink password. You will also receive an email with a link to login.  Indicates you received a message that may be SPAM.  Check messages and either unblock or delete. Messages from students may be in your filter.

UVLINK Employee Tab  Access to pay stubs  Time and Leave Entry  Pay Stub

 HR Forms Faculty Tab  Downloadable Class Rosters  Photo Class Roster  Class Schedules

 Final Grades  Access Courses in Canvas

Professional Web Page Create your own web page profile:

Computer Security File Sharing  The use of programs such as KAZAA, Morpheus, Gnutella, LimeWire, Bear Share, Emule, and iMesh that are used to download music, movies, and games are not appropriate use of the UVU and UEN network. 

These programs pose a significant security RISK TO YOU since you are allowing anyone to access your hard drive and computer resources to use it for possible illegal purposes.

File sharing also creates large amounts of network traffic causing the college and statewide networks to slow down.

Additionally, almost all files that are downloaded are copyrighted materials that are illegal to share and download. You can be prosecuted for doing such.

Computer Security Video Conferencing Options available: 


Google Hangouts

Cisco Jabber

Canvas Video

FaceTime Join Me

 

Not Allowed at this time

Computer Security

Anti-Virus Software

McAfee/EPO  UVU has a site license for McAfee. 

Every computer on campus should have a McAfee Virus shield in the system tray.

It is the user’s responsibility to make sure an Anti-Virus program is installed and working properly.

Home Computers  You may install McAfee virus protection on your home computer if you do not have any Virus protection software. 

Download McAfee from the Software Downloads channel in UVLink.

Computer Security

Spam/Phishing Email 

Email may contain a link asking for username and password or contain a virus. Do not click a link or provide this information. Be cautious! Reputable organizations such as UVU and your bank will NEVER ask for your username and password.

You can go to and search on the word HOAX. Or if an Email has a subject, you can search on the subject to find out if it is a hoax.

Backup your Data 

Save your data in at least 2 places, especially your grades.

You can use the network and your hard drive or an external device such as a Jump drive, or CD.

Outages & Emergencies If systems are down or having problems, go to:

Computer Software Software Licensing:  Software installed on your computer must have a valid license.  To see licensed Software, go to Procurement Services website: Purchasing Software:  Software is purchased through department  Contact your Admin Assistant Installing Software:  Free software downloads through UVLINK Help tab  Microsoft Office 2013  McAfee Anti-Virus software  Corel Office Suite


Questions? Information Technology Service Desk 863-8888

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