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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science
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Welcome New Members & First Time Attendees!

National SSA: Background  Founded in 1975 as a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit trade organization with an annual $5+ million budget; 9 staff professionals  2,000+ (direct) member companies + 3,800 affiliate (indirect) member companies representing some 22,000+ facilities  All 5 public companies/REITs are members  Members have from ONE facility to 2,200 facilities  SSA is the registered lobbying organization representing the self storage industry before US Congress and the federal agencies, as well as 29 state legislatures in last 3 years

New Member Orientation  Today we will cover two areas:  Quick overview of the national Self Storage Association (SSA)  Walk-through of the Conference & Trade Show Agenda

SSA: Areas of Competency           

Data: Collection & dissemination Advocacy: Federal & state lobbying Networking: Conventions/ Trade Shows/Seminars/Summits Communications: SSA Globe/Electronic Globe weekly Executive Education & Employee Training (CSSM program) Research reports: Demand Studies/Baby Boomer study Web/Technology: SSA HQ and for managed associations Association Relations: Charter/3rd Party Mgmt./Affiliates Membership Relations: Team One, MSOG, LOC, REITs Publications: Printed Annotated Lien Laws, etc. Legal Information: SS Legal Review & SS Legal Network

Industry Legislation & Regulation  State Laws: (as of August, 2014)

 SSA has passed THIRTY (30) new lien law provisions in TWENTY-SEVEN (27) states  SSA passed 10 new tenant insurance bills that brings the total number of states permitting the offering of tenant insurance to NINETEEN (19)  SSA has invested $4.2 million over last 8 years enacting/ modernizing/ improving/ streamlining state laws  $600,000 is being spent in 2014 on state legislative issues  Priorities:     

Enabling specialty licensing for tenant insurance Updating lien laws (eliminating registered mail & lien sale newspaper ads) Dealing with abandoned records and vehicles Securing reasonable late fees Fighting sales taxes on self storage rents

SSA Data & Information  SSA/REIS Self Storage Data Reports

 More than 10,000 same-store participants on occupancy and historical rental rates  Top 50 metropolitan markets, and 279 submarkets

 SSA members receive substantial discounts on REIS data reports

 We created and maintain a National Facilities Database (NFDb) of 48,500 facilities  Database is divided into state legislative and U.S. Congressional districts for lobbying

SSA Education (  SSA Valuation& Acquisition Course (for Owners)  SSA Online University (for Managers) Go to: for details  Managers Certification Course (CSSM) – online videos & workbooks  15 Segments: Legal Issues, Operations, Financial Management, Sales & Human Relations, Emergency planning, Marketing, Auctions, etc.  To achieve Certified Self Storage Manager designation participants take all 15 segments and must pass a final exam  These 15 segments are also available “a la carte” for those not wishing to pursue certification  172 persons are current certified self storage managers (CSSMs) Every other month, educational, various topics

SSA Upcoming Meetings  SSA Valuation & Acquisition Course – October 27-29, 2014 Denver , CO  SSA Annual Executive Ski Workshop - January 19-22, 2015 Big Sky, Montana  SSA Economic Summit - March 11, 2015, Gaylord National Resort, Washington, DC  SSA Spring Conference & Trade Show – March 11-13, 2015 Gaylord National Resort, Washington, DC  SSA Fall Conference & Trade Show, September 9-11, 2015 Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NV

SSA Affiliations  Association Relations  Affiliated with 38 of the 40 state associations  Affiliated internationally: Canada, FEDESSA, LASSA, Australia, Japan SSA, RSA Japan, Brazil, Mexico and SSA Asia!

 7 managed state associations (NJ,UT, VT, KY, IL, VA, MD)  5 charter state associations (OH, OR, IN, MN, NM)  Membership Services  Our members have more than 20,000 facilities in the U.S. under the SSA umbrella and an additional affiliation with another 6,000 facilities abroad

SSA Member Benefits          

Education discounts Conference discounts Ski Workshop discounts Publication discounts SSA Globe magazine Monday Morning Globe Self Storage Legal Review Online networking SSA Data Reports Healthcare benefits

        

Mid-sized Owners Group Vendor coupon directory Business locator Marketing collateral Industry advocacy Young Leaders Group SSA scholarships Large Owners Council Access to Self Storage Legal Network (added fee)

Staff at SSA Michael T. Scanlon, Jr. – President & CEO Tim Dietz – SVP, Advocacy & Communications Derek Knights – SVP, Finance Mike Blackett – VP, Operations Jennifer Pettigrew – VP, Vendor Relations Stacey Loflin – VP, Marketing & Membership Ginny Stengel – VP, Social Media & Education Nichelle Nassif – Director, State Associations Joan Marsha – Manager, Finance & Operations

Today’s schedule of events

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• MSOG = Mid-Sized Owners Group (for owners of 2-9 facilities)

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Friday’s Schedule

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