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January 19, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Health Science, Sports Medicine
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NIFT STYLE Create, Modify and experiment…

NIFT Hyderabad, India Fashion Design 4

INTRODUCTION • The National Institute of Fashion And Technology, Hyderabad is not just a design college but a diverse group of people coming together to celebrate fashion, art and culture. • A Niftian balances the work load, social needs and most importantly keeping alive our innovative take on the design world’s activities. • Despite the restrictions put upon us by the society, our university brings out unique styles that prove to make us trend setters and help prove our individuality.

• NIFT surely does have it’s own style, as the students are ready to take risks. • Their style, looks, appearances, attitudes are dynamic and changes according to their will and depends solely on them.

There is no stopping us…

We went around the NIFT campus to see if there was a particular “NIFT style” . After careful observation and analysis of various individuals, we realized that there are various styles that can be seen on campus. These include • Clothing : We categorized clothing into fitted and loose clothing. Fusion clothing with ethnic and western aspects can be seen as well. • Accessories : Experimental accessories are seen everywhere! • Hairstyles : These are innovative, unique, and quite distinctive.

• Self Expression : People express themselves in all sorts of ways. Tattoos, piercings, etc. can be seen all around. Individuals also express themselves through music, sports, etc. People combine parts of these styles to come up with various looks such as “grunge, punk, hipster, etc” which they adapt from the runway and media. It is also seen that people change over time. Individuals who are conservative in the beginning begin to dress more liberally in the end and vice versa. Therefore, the NIFT look can be described as eclectic, and individualistic.


• Ethnic wear- A trend and Tradition • Being an integral part of our culture, ethinc wear takes a very important role in NIFT style.


• Western wear- the modern touch • With the influencing culture of the west, the western trends have deeply captured our attention in terms of fashion.


• Fusion wear – West meets East • Being designer students, adapting to new looks by incorporating Indian culture with that of western is challenging and an emerging trend.

Self Expression Accessories

Tattoo Art- Sink in Ink Tattoos being a very common trend

Accessories Self Expression

Hair streaks on the move- everyone wants one

Self Expression Accessories

Piercings-bold and strong Piercings own a very important place

Self Expression Accessories



Self Expression Accessories


Accessories Footwear

• While people are not very experimental with their clothing, they show a variety in footwear.

• Some of the commonly seen footwear are: 1. Bellies 2. Kohlapuris 3. Espiderals 4. Flip Flops 5. Shoes

Hair stylesTie it up or let it down

DO WE DRESS TO IMPRESS??? Some of us dress to impress ourselves, there is nothing like the satisfaction of looking at yourself in the mirror and loving what you see. Almost everyone loves feeling like they look amazing, and it brings about a sense of joy in us. Some of us, however, dress up to impress others. Having someone tell you how nice you look never ceases to make us happy. In the end, we’re designers, and everything we wear makes a statement.

G. Abhilash

Student (K.D. Sem. IV) and a well known face at the campus of NIFT Hyderabad. Has a personality one cannot overlook and is known by the style he carries himself in. Which, is notably different from the other boys his age beyond the campus. Personal style Features : Piercings (nine of them), dreadlocks, 3/4th jeans, capris, XL Shirts and T- Shirts, use of multiple accessories (Metallic, Beaded, or having a Christ cross) and a CareFree attitude. “I idealize Bob Marley” Says Abilash. Other interests : rock music, guitar, bikes (and using his creativity in it’s modifications.)

Anupam Ladha

Student (TD, semester IV) Known by his cheerful attitude and Helpful behavior, Anupam is mostly seen wearing clothes representing his department. (In terms of repeats, motifs, fabric, Surface embellishment etc.) His style features include ethnic clothing with constantly changing way of putting it up and experimenting with his hairstyle. He always tries to implement change in himself while retaining his admiration towards the ethnic Indian clothing over purely western.


Student (FC Sem :IV) Popularly known by the name Chaini and as one of the most Funky, playful, mischievous personality in and around the campus. He is an amazing dancer and performer whose styling is a depiction of his nature.

His Styling features can be best described by words like funky, energetic, playful, carefee etc. He mostly wears T-Shirts specific to this playful attitude, such as bright coloured, ones with printed jokes and symbols. His piercings, one-of-a-kind Afro hairstyle, neon coloured earphones n colorful attire make him different from others around him. His interests and inspirations can be rooted to Hip-Hop music.

Shiv Sonu

Student (KD, Semester : VIII) Popular figure in NIFT Hyderabad known for his sense of styling, experimenting with his looks and his personality. “I believe in experimenting” says Shiv and his dynamic looks over the four years do justify his statement. His most prominent style feature is the hairstyle. Which, though basically is curls, but is constantly changing. Others being his large baggy T-shirts over the tall height (use of dull colours), fitted trousers rigid postures, and his changing styles of keeping beard. His styling inspiration and interest remain the same Sports.

Chinmai Mahesh Student (KD, Sem : IV) of NIFT Hyderabad has his own unique style of dressing up and carrying himself. Inspired by the Hip-Hop culture and costumes of Rap artists, He always wears huge extra large T-Shirts with prints on it. Other Styling features are multiple Tattoos, shades, piercings, huge beard with little or no mustache, excessive use of accessories (such as chains, thumb rings, studs, wrist bands etc), 3/4th jeans, torn jeans with flip flops.

Siri Narayan

Student (K.D. Sem. VI) from the campus of NIFT Hyderabad. Her unique personality and admirable sense of fashion that stands out among the other girls in the college. Her personality stands out as an experimental, risk taking young woman, who likes to challenge herself with new looks. Personal Style features : short hair pixie cut, inspired by Japanese short spaghetti tops with jackets or cardigans, with loose denims or trousers. Branded pair of headphone. Big earrings, subtle colors. “I break the stereotypical rules’ Other interests : rapping, hosting, hip-hop, counter culture approaches, feminism

Utkarsh Kumar Student (F.D. Sem. VIII) another popular face in the campus of NIFT Hyderabad. His style, is inspired from his father, which made him wear ethnic kurtas and chappal, setting the trend for many youngsters this generation. Personal Style features : Long spiked up hair, kurtas with kholhapuri chappal, with modern accessories, bracelets and chains. “I sketch my own hairstyles”.

Other Interests :trying new things, music, hip-hop and rock.

Richa Banjara

Student ( T.D. Sem. IV) from the campus of NIFT Hyderabad. Her personality calls out as a tough, headstrong woman, whose sense of style is reflective of the contemporary style of Ahmedabad with slight touch of her own bold and sporty nature. “I grew up with guys all my life” Personal style Features : Metal accessories(earrings, nose rings), piercings, metal bangles, metal anklets, loose t-shirts, shorts and loose pants, ethnic wear, sport shoes, short hairasymmetric with colour, bold frame glasses.

CONCLUSION • Here at NIFT, people create, modify and experiment styles. • They dress to set a trend for other people to follow. • They adapt styles from outside and interpret them in their own ways.

• They want to portray themselves as cool, chic, and fashion updated.

• Some people don’t really follow a particular style or look, but they like to mix and match styles. • NIFTIANS give a new direction to styles.

• Students here at NIFT are encouraged even by the faculty to experiment with their looks. • Being a part of a fashion institute, everyone here dresses in way that they inspire the outside world and set examples.

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