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NJSMART Overview Bari Anhalt Erlichson Assistant Commissioner/Chief Performance Officer New Jersey Department of Education

• Adopting standards and assessments that prepare students for success in college and the workplace. • Recruiting, developing, and retaining effective teachers and principals. • Turning around our lowest-performing schools. • Building data systems that measure student success and inform teachers and principals how they can improve their practices.

New Jersey Department of Education

• In 2009, New Jersey elected to receive $1.33 Billion in State Fiscal Stabilization Funds. As a condition of receiving these funds, New Jersey committed to improving results for all students and advancing education reform by:

Performance Division

The Work Ahead!



Student Growth

 Use assessment data to calculate student growth measures according to the student growth percentile model selected by NJ DOE  Link student assessment data year-to-year and provide state, district, and school leaders with the capacity to quantify student growth from one year to the next


 Provide the State of New Jersey with a graduation measure that is accurate and consistent with federal standards  Assign each student to a specific cohort, track individual student’s progress towards graduation, and update that progress as official data becomes available to classify their grade-level cohort status


 Expand NJ SMART from a K-12 longitudinal data warehouse to a K-20 longitudinal data warehouse by linking NJ SMART with National Student Clearinghouse data  Provide districts and schools with information about actual post graduate enrollment, persistence, and accomplishment

Course and Section

 Collect the necessary data to track which students are participating in specific courses as well as identify the educators teaching these courses  Load standardized course codes, student rosters, teacher assignments, and other relevant course and section data and validate business rules as defined by NJ DOE

New Jersey Department of Education


Performance Division

Current Development


DW102: Using District Reports DW103: Using EDanalyzer DW 201: Using Student Growth Percentiles DW 202: Using Data for School and District Improvement

New Jersey Department of Education

DW101: Establishing High Quality Data

Performance Division

Professional Development Series


New Jersey Department of Education

Performance Division

NJSMART Drill Downs • Graduation Cohort Reports


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