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January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Performing Arts, Drama
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no strings badminton Ed Reeves, BADMINTON England Regional Officer

Content • What is no strings badminton • Drivers , barriers and challenges

• What is needed to run a session • Costs and resources • Current participation

What is no strings badminton?

no strings badminton ... bridging that imaginary ‘gap’ getting on court with friends for a gossip and a laugh

signing up to the no strings social circle

no strings badminton extremely sociable, pay& play sessions, semi-structured, fun & frolics , informal

Casual badminton Find a partner, book a court,

NO STRINGS … no hefty membership fees contracts

or lengthy

highly accessible…

Club Badminton Fees, coached, leagues, competitive, structured…

Introduction to Badminton / The Casual Player

mmm, feel the benefits of a no strings badminton session… Casual


Pay & Play

Key features


Any age



Any ability

brand values...(F words we like)




our target customer groups…

Women 25-45

Men 25-45 not exclusive


Drivers and barriers

even customers have wants and needs you know… • Fitness key drivers


• Image • Socialising • Fun • Weight loss • Variation

• Time • Childcare • Cost • Someone to play • Intimidation • Equipment • Never played before

Challenges • Facility ownership if they have not purchased the Franchise • Awareness/Promotion of the sessions • Finding the right Coordinator

What is needed to run a session?

The basics… • No strings badminton franchise purchased • No strings coordinator appointed • Courts and Rackets (we supply the shuttles)

Engaged partners…. • Leisure Centres • Local Authority, SDO – Play Officers • School Sports Partnership • County Sports Partnership

• County Badminton Association • Local Clubs

Costs and resources

Costs • 1 Franchise - £400 per annum, 2-3 Franchises£300 each, 4+ Franchises-£200 each • Higher and Further Education – flat rate of £200 each • Franchise cost split into quarters - £100 per quarter • License to run 1 on-peak session and 1 offpeak session per week (on-peak from 5.009.00pm weekdays, off-peak all other times)

Resources • • • • • • •

500 x A5 Flyers, 25 x A3 posters 16 x tubes of shuttles 2x Coordinator Shirts External Flexi banner Resource CD’s Coordinator

Current participation

Currently 535,000 adults play badminton once a week in England. Close to 1 million place once a month No strings badminton is the flagship programme to reach the target of 605,000 adults playing once a week by 2013

More locally… • Average attendance of 16 Adult Participants per session • Contributing to new adult participants target for our Community Badminton Networks • Over 70% retention

and, so to summarise... 20,000 more adults playing by 2013



Alternative exit route nationally


brand values

Break down barriers to participation

programme targets no strings badminton pay & play

target markets


Challenges Ownership

Women 25-45


men 25-45



Thank you and any questions?

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