North America Virtual Reality (VR) Health Market

October 31, 2022 | Author: madhvansakshi27 | Category:
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Virtual reality can be defined as a technology that creates a simulated environment through computer technology. Virtual reality provides an immersed 3D environment to the user by simulating various senses such as vision, touch, hearing, and even smell. Virtual reality uses devices such as head-mounted displays, projectors, and display walls to generate realistic visuals and sounds for providing the experience of the real world in a virtual environment. The person using virtual reality can look around the artificial world in 360 degrees and even sense the virtual environment with highly advanced gears. Healthcare is one of the biggest adopters of VR, which encompasses robotic surgery, phobia treatment, surgery simulation, skills training, and others and is already being implemented. Applications such as robotic surgery, healthcare devices are slowly gaining popularity and being accepted by people. Virtual reality (VR) technology has gained recognition as a useful tool for cognitive research, evaluation, and rehabilitation.
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