March 12, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science, Government
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Haley Lehman Monroe High School Norway Third delegation Private military contractors Position paper

The employment of mercenaries from private military agencies and what defines a mercenary has been a complex topic of debate for the world. The opposition of this specific topic, such as the groups human rights first and the working group, bring attention to the reliability, accountability, loyalty, and regulation of national governments employing the assistance of these military agencies. Supporters of private military and security companies argue that the employment and use of military contractors has proven to be efficient and that a hired military contractor can do the jobs that any uniformed soldier can. Private military contractors are most commonly used to strengthen the number of existing traditional military units. In recent times mercenaries have been recruited by nations independently or by the UN to aid in peace keeping missions. The Kingdom of Norway is a developed country with an organized military. As such its use of military contractors has been minimal. Being one of the founding members of the alliance organization NATO The Kingdom of Norway hold concerns regarding the frequency of private military contractor employment. Military contractors have no loyalty to the government that employed them. Similarly a government can abandon responsibility of a rouge contractor. The employment of the agents from these private military companies has a greater chance of doing harm than good. The Kingdom of Norway believes that countries found using military contractors should be financially penalized to discourage the use of mercenaries of any kind. In conclusion the use of military contractors has been somewhat successful in some cases and complete disaster in others. The results are far too varied to be trusted and have a tenancy to be toward the negative. This is way the people of The Kingdom of Norway feel there is a need for penalization. Employing these private soldiers is far too risky for national Governments to practice.

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