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Official Newsletter of the Netherlands Society Christchurch (Inc)


RA, RA, WIE BEN IK????? Baby quiz op pagina’s 12 en 13. (Baby quiz on pages 12 and 13)

Netherlands Society Christchurch ( Est. March 20th, 1965 )


Clubrooms Netherlands Society Christchurch 637 Marshlands Road Christchurch 8083 Phone: (03) 323 8641 www.nsc.org.nz Postal address: P O Box 1211, Christchurch 8083 President: Olga Verstappen Phone: (03) 325 2724 Email: [email protected] Vice-President: Sharon Alabaster Phone: (03) 357 1311 Email: [email protected]


The last six weeks have not been easy for your editor! I don’t like to complain but: Boy, oh, boy, it has been hectic! But I must confess that Martin and I still found time to disappear for a few days down south to celebrate a very important birthday. And now we are back on deck and at your service! Here is hoping you will attend the events, organised by the committee; drama group and choir for instance and all the other events, which are coming up during the last few months of the year 2014! The Committee is anticipating receiving many baby quiz entrees. I also like to share with you the following letter, which is addressed to you all: Dear Readers,

Treasurer and Advertising: Angela Lewis Phone: (03) 383 0477 Email: [email protected] Secretary: Marina McGurk-Wijlaars Phone: (03) 323 4465 Email: [email protected] Membership and Website: Ron van Santen Phone: 027 4898369 Email: [email protected]

This is just to let you know that due to circumstances beyond my control, I, Dick Smit, am unable to write anymore ‘Echoings’ in the Society’s magazine each month. I would like to take this op- portunity to thank the Netherlands Society Christ- church and all those who enjoyed my stories. I am now residing at Parkwood Resthome, Linwood, telephone 373 8433. Goodluck and dont forget: Keep your powder dry!

Affiliated Clubs Liaison: Olga Verstappen Phone: (03) 325 2724 Editor Echo: Yoka Saris 4 Highbank Lane, Christchurch 8081 Phone: (03) 384 9570 Email: [email protected]

Dick Smit And on behalf of all the Veterans and other members I like to thank Dick for the many stories he has shared with the readers of the Echo over the years and also his total dedication with organising the annual Veterans Day in the past. We wish Dick and his wife Linda all the very best! Yoka Saris


PRESIDENT’S REPORT The long awaited ‘Ex Committee Thanks Giving Luncheon’ took place on Sunday, 14 September. According to many people who attended it was a great success. The catering provided by Le Traiteur Of Merivale was excellent! It was fun to see past and present members of the NSC committee together and chatting about the good and sometimes not so good times of being part of a committee. But overall the ex-members told of memories of a time they looked after the interests of the Netherlands Society Christchurch with lots of humour going by the loud laughter that emerged from several tables at regular intervals. (Photographs of the event on pages 14 and 15) After careful deliberating the Committee has decided that due to unforeseen circumstances the yearly ‘Veterans Day’ will have to be cancelled this year. But a smilar event together with the Veterans will take place in May 2015 to commemorate the heroic services of the Veterans in name of their country and also the celebration of the fact that World War II ended 70 years ago. (More information closer to the due date.) For those who are interested: The yearly ‘Lincoln Multicultural Festival’ will be held on 18 October. This festival, which started in 2004 is well worth a visit with its arts-crafts-music-dance and food from many different cultural groups, who have now settled in New Zealand. I have attended many times over the years and I can really recommend this event. (No entry charge!) Regards, Olga

THE ENTERTAINMENT TEAM Coming events: Sunday, 19 October, 1.30pm start, video afternoon, continuing “Nederland Van Boven” Sunday, 16 November, 1.30pm, video afternoon, further info in November issue of Echo. St Nicholas Picnic, 30 November, 12pm at Spencer Park, Block D. Games for children of all ages. The announcement of the prize winners for best colouring in pictures. A visit of St Nicholas and his loyal companions. What else happens during the picnic? There is coffee brewed on the spot: “Le Van Coffee not only makes great coffee.....it will make your day too!” Oliebollen made to the original Dutch recipe from famous “Mamma Marten’s Kitchen”! From “Maison & Boulangerie Le Lapin”: magnificent preserves and home made cakes! Furthermore a variety of sales tables with arts, crafts and of course “Van Dam’s” representative selling all kinds of Dutch delicacies! Please note that the colouring-in pictures herewith enclosed have to be in not later than Friday, 21st of November. It is important to give the judges time to select the winners of this competition. Therefore no pictures will be accepted after this date! Send to: St Nicholas’ Office, 15 Victoria Park Road, Cashmere, Christchurch) Christchurch Santa Parade, Sunday, 7 December. After many years a Netherlands float will partake manned by a group of possible future NSC members!!! Follow the local media for further information! October 2014

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PO Box 19614 Christchurch New Zealand. Phone 03 3181191 Refer to www.echo.org.nz for news clips of latest happenings in the Dutch community in NZ.

For advertising get in touch with Angela Lewis Phone (03) 383 0477

___________________________________________________________________ LETTER TO THE EDITOR Is anyone interested in exchanging stamps from the Netherlands, New Zealand or Australia? Please contact John - Telephone 348 3138. I also have many stamps to give away. John van de Poll ___________________________________________________________________ Verontschuldig je nooit voor het tonen van je gevoelens want dat is het zelfde als je verontschuldigen voor de waarheid!


Het is bekend dat geld niet gelukkig maakt maar toch wil iedereen dat zelf uitmaken!

__________ Page 4

October 2014


Friendly Support Network (FSN) We are a group of volunteers who give help and support to people of Dutch decent in situations of need or stress. We visit sick people, walk with people, and talk (Dutch or English) with people. Help or support is generally of a moral rather than of a financial nature. If you want to help, or know of someone we can help, please contact: Heleen van den Brink Trudi van Nobelen

Tel 359 5517 Tel 383 1111

Het was de rage van deze zomer in Nederland: Loombands maken. Maar nu de kinderen weer naar school zijn liggen de felgekleurde rubberen bandjes her en der door het huis te verpieteren. “Niet erg” aldus Mr Loom (Cheong Choong Ng) die voor een flitsbezoek in Nederland was, “Als het straks herfstvakantie is loomt iedereen weer vlot door.” Ineens was het daar deze zomer, de rubberen loombandjes. Elke zichzelf respecterende celebrity droeg zo’n zelfgewoven armbandje. Van David Beckham tot Louis van Gaal, van kroonprinses Amalia tot Kate, de hertogin van Kent. Je had gee kind aan ze, achter in de auto op weg naar de vakantie bestemming. En al die regenachtige dagen in augustus kwamen ze met verse zakjes rubberen bandjes en een internetverbinding ook wel door! Ja natuurlijk, hier in NZ ook. Heeft u er al een? Ik wel dankzij mijn 9-jarige kleindochter: Mooi roze met wit! Dank je wel, Rosie!!!

BURGEMEESTER OP DE VINGERS GETIKT. De tegenstanders van Zwarte Piet hebben van de rechter gelijk gekregen. Burgemeester Eberhard van der Laan van Amsterdam moet bij de vergunning van de intocht van Sinterklaas nadrukkelijk rekening houden met de belangen van de zwarte gemeenschap. Volgens de rechtbank heeft Van der Laan onvoldoende rekening gehouden met de gevolgen van een negatieve stereo-typering van de zwarte mens, veroorzaakt door de figuur van Zwarte Piet; dikke lippen; dom en knecht. De rechtbank baseert zich op een recente uitspraak van het College van Rechten voor de Mens en op onderzoek van de gemeente zelf. Uit dat onderzoek bleek dat veel zwarte Amsterdammers zich gediscrimineerd voelen door Zwarte Piet. Daarmee maakt de intocht volgens de rechtbank inbreuk op het prive-leven van de zwarte mensen. De bescherming van het prive-leven is een belang dat de burgemeester had moeten meewegen toen hij vorig jaar de vergunning verleende. De uitspraak is gedaan in een bodemprocedure die tegen de afgifte van de vergunning was aangespannen door enkele tegenstanders van het fenomeen Zwarte Piet. Een van hen, Barryl Biekman, van het Platform Landelijk Slavernijverleden, is dolblij met de uitspraak. “Ik heb 18 jaar tegen de figuur van Zwarte Piet gestreden en nu zegt de rechtbank dat ik het gelijk aan mijn zijde heb. Het is een feestdag!” De woordvoerder van de burgemeester laat weten dat de gemeente de uitspraak uitvoerig zal bestuderen en aan de hand daarvan zal bekijken hoe de vergunning in de toekomst moet worden verleend. Ook hoger beroep wordt niet uitgesloten. Bron Het Parool, juli 2014

October 2014

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NEERLANDIA CHOIR CHRISTCHURCH PERFORMS ITS 32nd ANNUAL CONCERT On Sunday, 23 September, Neerlandia Choir Christchurch performed for an appreciative audience of 120 people in the Hohepa Music Auditorium on Barrington. This venue is well known for being one of the best in Christchurch qua ambience and acoustics. The Choir under the inspirational choral direction of Mr Bruce Blanchard performed songs in six different languages. Amongst many others one could enjoy the music of Johann Sebastian Bach; George Frideric Handel; Johann Strauss; Ludwig van Beethoven and Edvard Grieg. The Choir was accompagnied on piano by Michael Zon. The guest artists were six musicians of the Koyu kai Group, local musicians, who performed traditional Japanese music on a variety of instruments such as the koto (13 and 17 stringed zithers); 3-stringed lutes and a flute. The musicians were all dressed in authentic kimono, which added to the magical atmosphere of the performance. After the audience was held spellbound during the, at least 90 minute lasting, varied musical programme it was time for afternoon tea where besides the obvious coffee, tea and juice the delicious traditonal ‘krentenbrood’ was served and where everyone could spent time to discuss a most entertaining afternoon. __________

Photographs taken and kindly supplied by Rudi van de Brink

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October 2014

ECHO DE NEDERLANDSE TAAL column van PAULIEN CORNELISSEN ZITTEN Ik sprak iemand van wie de vriend Braziliaan was. Hij leerde Nederlands en verbaasde zich het allermeest over dit: hoe vaak Nederlanders het over ‘zitten’ hebben. En dat is inderdaad vaak, als je er even over nadenkt. “Ik zit hier al een uur te wachten”, kun je zeggen, ook als je niet aan het zitten bent. “Ik zit hier thuis”, idem dito. Je kunt namelijk best thuis zitten als je in werkelijkheid aan het rondlopen bent. De oorspronkelijk betekenis van zitten heeft iets te maken met het plaatsen van het achterste op een horizontaal vlak. Maar er zijn heel veel gebruiken die daar in de verste verte niets mee te maken hebben. Wat te denken van deze: “He, he, jongedame niet aan de knopjes van het fornuis zitten!” ‘Aanzitten’ wordt bijna altijd gebruikt in de kinderlijke sfeer. (Het was een heel leuk museum want we mochten overal aanzitten.) Stel dat je als Braziliaan deze kinderlijke betekenis van ‘aanzitten’ hebt geleerd, dan moet het heel verwarrend zijn dat er soms bij een diner ook aangezeten wordt - maar dan is het juist weer iets sjieks waar geen kinderen aan te pas komen. Om nog maar te zwijgen over deze zin: “Er zit kauwgum aan mijn broek.” Zeer vreemd! Maar dat is nog niet alles, want we gebruiken ‘zitten’ ook voor kleding. “Deze trui zit het lekkerst.” Dat geen Nederlander hierbij denkt aan een trui die op een stoeltje zit, lijkt me voor een buitenlander moeilijk te begrijpen. En omdat ‘zitten’ hiermee blijkbaar nog niet genoeg gebruikt wordt, zeggen we ook nog ‘die zit’ als iemand een rake opmerking heeft geplaatst of anderzins gescoord heeft. De vraag is natuurlijk: Waarom gebruiken we ‘zitten’ zo vaak? Of anders gezegd: Wat zien wij zitten in zitten? Zegt het misschien iets in ons zittend bestaan? Zitten wij vast aan onze bankstellen of bureau stoelen? En heeft het woord ‘zitten’ van hieruit onze taal veroverd? Zouden Brazilianen het leven meer dansend bekijken? Het klinkt als een cliche, maar het lijkt me aan de andere kant ook weer geen toeval dat juist een Braziliaan struikelt over dat zitten. Of probeer ik het allemaal weer te cultureel te duiden en berust het allemaal maar op toeval? Dat loop ik me nu al dagen af te vragen! THE DOETIE KEYZER SHOW On Sunday, 27 September, the NSC organised a show with South Island woman Doetie Keyzer. Four years ago Doetie visited the Christchurch Society with her ‘One Woman Show’ so the committee thought it might be pleasant for the members to attend a repeat performance. No entree fee would be charged to make it even more attractive (afternoon tea provided). What a disappointment to have eighteen people attending in total of which there were six committee members! Do the membership ever think what it is like to organise an event with such a poor result? Don’t blame your committee for not trying! Because we do! If you have better ideas why not write a letter to the Editor with your wishes for entertainment events (if you have trouble facing us in person)! By the way those who were there did enjoy themselves!!!!

October 2014

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Dear Members, The Netherlands Society Christchurch Inc. now has a Facebook page called “Netherlands Society Christchurch NZ” . Please ‘like’ our new page and encourage friends, family, members and non-members to also ‘like’ the page. The committee will use the Facebook page as another means of keeping everyone up to date with news, events and anything of interest to the Netherlands Society and the Dutch community at large. As well as being a great source of information and contacts for new migrants arriving in Christchurch who may wish to join the Society or know more about what we do. If you have any queries about the new page please feel free to phone me on 383 3600 or contact me via email [email protected] Best regards, Desiree Ellery, Committee Member ___________ Page 8

October 2014


Van Dam’s Shop & Cafe

Now at Open from 355 Riccarton Road Monday to Saturday Opposite Lone Star 9 till 5 ____________________________________________ Lots of great specials in store, now selling at prices which won’t be beaten by supermarkets! Blue Biscotte $2.00 Yellow Biscotte $2.90 Coffee Waffles $3.00 Lange Vingers $2.00 Plus all the usual goodies like Zoute Drop, Dutch Cheese and much more! October 2014

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ECHO MAN FACES JAIL IF HE WRITES MORE THAN TWO COUNCIL COMPLAINTS A MONTH A man from Dordrecht has been told he will be jailed if he writes more than two letters of complaint to the city council a month. The council has gone to court urging action against the man, who sends officials dozens of complaint letters and freedom information requests per month. The man is angry that the council has put a ‘sequestration’ (seizure of property) order on some of his properties because he is refraining to meet tougher new rules on rental properties. The magistrate had earlier banned the man from sending more than 10 letters a month to the council but he has refused to comply. So far this year he has sent the officials 440 letters, all of which have to be dealt with. Dordrecht’s city council says answering the mail is costing 500.000 euros a year and involves 2.5 fulltime officers to deal with the correspondence. Dutchnews.nl VINCENT VAN GOGH - THE MUSICAL Vincent van Gogh, one of the world’s most renowned artists, will be celebrated on stage in a musical next year. Vincent will open in autumn 2015 in Amsterdam, headlining the 125 Years of Inspiration Event. Casting for the role of Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) is ongoing and Dutch producer Albert Verlinde will oversee proceedings. Martine Willekens spokeswoman for the Vincent van Gogh Foundation, said the aim of the musical is to “bring Vincent van Gogh’s works to life in a non-traditional way”. The musical will portray the painter’s struggle with mental illness, including the notorious episode which cultimated in him slicing off part of his ear. Though Vincent van Gogh’s influence remains far-reaching he sold only one painting before his death at the age of 37. The cause of death was a fatal gunshot wound but there is no conclusive proof that he meant to take his own life. “It is perhaps a little odd to celebrate his death,” said Amsterdam’s Vincent van Gogh Museum director, Axel Ruegen, “but over the years the artist has become a global celebrity, a kind of rock star.” An exhibition of his paintings in Amsterdam will accompany the play. The Telegraph  

Graag nodigen wij u uit voor een bezoek aan onze nieuwe website. U kunt op www.dutch.co.nz onderandere het volgende vinden: • Nederlandse kranten; • Online Shop met Nederlandse producten; • Een overzicht van winkels met Nederlandse producten in uw buurt; • Links met Nederlands georienteerde websites; Neem gerust contact met ons op via het contact formulier voor suggesties en vragen. Het Dutch ‘n’ Deli Team Page 10

October 2014


KLAVERJAS CLUB ‘ONS GENOEGEN’ De lente is in volle glorie gearriveerd: De kerseboom staat in bloei, zo ook de narcissen en er staat zelfs een tulp ontzettend mooi te zijn in een vergeten hoek van de tuin! Wat is de natuur toch mooi! De uitslagen voor de prijs kaart dagen waren als volgt: Dinsdag, 26 augustus: 1) Emmy Nederpelt; 5749 punten; 2) Leni Nelis, 5188 punten; 3) Bep Bohm, 5080 punten. Dinsdag, 9 september: 1) Bill Nunink, 5602 punten; 2) Anna Fekkes, 5541 punten; 3) Arie Middelkoop, 5204 punten. De Spring Card Drive was zoals altijd weer een succes, 33 spelers, allemaal kampioenen, probeerden een prijsje binnen te halen. Het bestuur had deze dag zo ingedeeld dat er vier spelen inplaats van zes plaats zouden vinden. Er was uitgerekend dat er niet later dan 4.00 uur gekaart zou worden. Maar dat kwam niet uit want om 3.00 uur was het gedaan en toen is er besloten om er nog maar een vijfde spel aan toe te voegen. De winnaars van deze Card Drive waren: 1) Truus Nijssen, 8348 punten; 2) Thea Beulink en Greet Akkerman, 8218 punten; 3) Richard van Lindt, 8078 punten. De loterij werd gewonnen door: 1) Koos van Nieuwkerk; 2) Arda Hogendoorn; 3) Lenie Nelis. Daarna nog een ‘glaasje’ en toen ging iedereen voldaan naar huis! De volgende en laatste wedstrijd voor het jaar 2014 vindt plaats op zaterdag, 25 october (Labour Weekend). Dit was dan weer het klaverjas verslag voor deze maand. We hopen dat iedereen van een goede gezondheid blijft genieten en verder veel plezier met het spel van het leven! Wim

YOUTH OF YESTERDAY On BVN TV we watched a program about the Royal House of Orange and the recent celebration of its reign of 200 years. This gave us an idea to celebrate this in a small way during the following Youth of Yesterday gathering. Everyone present received an orange and a Dutch flag and a special delicacy with the coffee. So you see, we use any excuse to have a celebration! It gives us a warm feeling to see everyone appreciating this. The weather is improving, surely this must be an incentive to join us on Friday mornings at the Everglades! We can assure you that you won’t be sorry! Tini ____________ An American view on Friesians: “A ‘Fries’ is a sort of spare-Dutch person, who lives in the north of the country in a province all to themselves. They love frozen water, called Beerenburger - a form of euthanasia with alcohol. A Fries likes to endlessly pointing out that other ‘Hollanders’ are NOT Fries! The rest of the people in the Netherlands looks at this behaviour the same way one looks at an obstinate child: Lovingly but hoping like hell that one day they will grow out of this!” ____________

October 2014

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Ra, ra, wie ben ik????? During our last committee meeting we discussed the pictures we published in the September Echo of the NSC Committee members. Some one, who we shall not mention here, came up with the bright idea to have a quiz in the October issue of the Echo. The idea is the NSC members will have to guess which baby/todler photo portrays which committee member. The first three winning entrees will receive a voucher for a luncheon at the Garden Hotel & Restaurant for two. As you can imagine finding photo’s of ourselves, especially the older ones amongst us, was not so easy but we have come up with a lovely collection. The names of the committee members are in alphabetic order below. The photographs on page 13 are numbered from 1 to 14. Please send your entry to email: [email protected] or post to: 4 Highbank Lane, Christchurch 8081 before 1 December.

A: Sharon Alabaster B: Isabel van den Berg D: Annie van der Dussen E: Desiree Ellery G: Nettie de Groot J: Wilma Junker L1: Ron van der Lem L2: Angela Lewis N: Jose Nijstad S1: Ron van Santen S2: Yoka Saris U: Martin van Urk V: Olga Verstappen W: Marina Wijlaars No points will be given for remarks regarding our waning beauty!!! Page 12

October 2014


Photoos on page numbered as follows: 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 12; 13; 14. October 2014

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Page 14

October 2014


Photographs taken during the “Thanks Giving Luncheon for Past Committee Members” by Peter McGurk. On page 14: The NSC stalwarts from left to right, top row: Margaret en Jan van Herpt; Wim and Tini de Winter. Second row: Still love birds after so many years: Truus and Carsten Ouwerkerk. Property Managers: Bert de Jong; Wim de Winter; Trudo Wijlaars; Marius Wunderink. Bottom: All Entertainment members over the years! Page 15 from left to right: Echo Editors: Bep Bohm; Margaret van Herpt; Jan van Herpt; Desiree Ellery and Yoka Saris. 2nd photo: Entertainment managers: Mimi Tabak; Leo van ‘t Veen; Maria de Jong; Annie van der Dussen; Ron van der Lem.

New members welcome

Are you or a friend considering becoming a member of the Society? For more information contact the membership secretary, ph: 027 4898369


Application form: ___________________________________________Telephone:





Postal Code:


Email Address: ________________________________________________________ Age Group: (Please add in the number applicable to each category) 0-16 yrs _____

17-29 yrs _____

30-49 yrs_____

50 yrs +_____

Please circle appropriate membership: Family membership $36.00

(includes children up to 16yrs of age)

Post Application to:

Ron van Santen PO Box 1211, Christchurch

October 2014

Single membership


Membership fees can be paid after receiving the confirmation letter from the treasurer. Subscription year starts 1st April

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Committee Members President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer/Advertising Entertainment Manager Membership Property Manager Editor Echo Newsletter

Olga Verstappen Sharon Alabaster Marina McGurk-Wijlaars Angela Lewis Ron van der Lem Ron van Santen Vacant Yoka Saris

384 9570

[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

Committee members

Annie van der Dussen 383 1594 384 9570 Martin van Urk Desiree Ellery 383 3600 Nettie de Groot 357 4455 337 6151 Jose Nijstad Isabel van de Berg 337 1694 0274898369 Ron van Santen Wilma Junker 0212967280 SharonAlabaster/Ron van Santen Olga Verstappen 3252724 384 9570 Yoka Saris

[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

Website Affiliated Clubs Distributor Echo Newsletter

325 2724 357 1311 323 4465 383 0477 3540459 0274898369

Affiliated and other clubs Bridge club Costume and Hall hire Friendly Support Network Handwerk Club Klaverjas Club Ons Genoegen Neerlandia Choir Christchurch Incorporated Petanque Club Toenail Culture Ale Tramping Club De Landlopers Walking Club Young Folk Dancers Youth of Yesterday Dutch School De Klomp Inc. Radio With Pictures (Echo)

Carsten Ouwerkerk Annie van der Dussen Heleen van den Brink Tini de Winter Wim de Winter

323 9354 383 1594 359 5517 352 5317 352 5317

Yoka Saris Pieter Wever Annie van der Dussen Joop Stokvis Not currently active Not currently active Tini de Winter

384 9570 022 650 7101 383 1594 322 8228

Theo Boekel

Federation Of Netherlands Societies Inc. “De Schakel” www.netherlands-societies. co.nz

352 5317 033181191

[email protected] [email protected]

Echo Material for the next issue of the Echo has to be in by the 20th of each month. Although handwritten material is acceptable if clearly readable, the editor will be very happy with typewritten articles. You would, however really make my day with your contributions as an attachment to email or with an email. Please send to: [email protected] or Yoka Saris, 4 Highbank Lane, Mt Pleasant, Christchurch 8081. DISCLAIMER The views and opinions expressed within the Echo are those of the individual author or other information source and do not necessarily represent the opinion of the Netherlands Society or the Editor. All contributions are proofread for style and grammar. We reserve the right to reject, abridge or edit letters for linguistic, spelling, style and other literary errors.

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October 2014

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