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Oedipus Rex

Terms associated with the 1st reading p. 1-23/5-36  

Retrospection:___________________ Tragic Hero—In order for a character to be considered a Tragic Hero they need to possess the following: – – – –

Noble Status Inner Nobility Free Will Tragic Flaw

3 Ironies:

– Verbal, Situational, Dramatic

Oedipus Rex First Readings p. 1-23/5-36 What do we learn about Oedipus’ virtues as a ruler? 

Tragic Hero – Noble Status:

– Inner Nobility:

Exposition/Rise in Action Early in the exposition what do we learn about the situation in Thebes?

Turning Point/Climax

Rise in Action


Fall in Action


What information does Creon supply?

Why is this an example of retrospection?

What does Oedipus declare will be the fate of the murderer of King Laius ?

What type of irony is this an example of?

Who is Tiresias and what is his message?

Of what significance is his blindness? SYMBOL

What is Oedipus’ response to the revelations of Tiresias?

Component of the Tragic Hero 

What initial signs of rashness do we see in Oedipus?

Where do you think these signs would fall within the Tragic Hero components?

What false conclusion does Oedipus reach as a result of his quarrel with Tiresias?

What effect could this conclusion have on Oedipus?

What role does the first senator play in the quarrel between Creon and Oedipus?

What do we learn about Creon’s character?

Oedipus Rex

p. 23-33/36-51 

When Jocasta questions what has happened between Creon and Oedipus, what does the Senator/chorus tell her?

Why do you suppose he does this?

Pg. 26/27 ; p.41 

How does Jocasta reassure her husband that he could not be the killer of King Laius?

Jocasta uses ______________ when she recalls the former King’s prophesy and apparent death. (Lit. term)

Turning Point of the play 

How does the Jocasta describe the former King?—be specific.

During his conversation with Jocasta, what characteristic of the Tragic Hero does Oedipus display.

Turning Point/Climax Turning Point/Climax Tiresias Creon

Rise in Action

Exposition Zeus Oedipus

Fall in Action


Turning Point

Why is this passage so important to the plot of the play? 

What question has been driving the first part of the play? What was Oedipus’ primary objective?

What is he left to question AFTER his conversation with Jocasta?

Turning Point/Climax Jocasta/Retrospection

Turning Point/Climax Tiresias Creon

Rise in Action

Exposition Zeus Oedipus

Fall in Action


Has Oedipus connected the dots?? 

What important information does Oedipus share with his wife/momma?

After his conversation with Jocasta, what “last hope” does he hold on to?

Turning Point Cont… 

By the end of p. 33/51, the Corinth Messenger arrives in Thebes. What news does he bring? Why is this SO SIGNIFICNT to the plot?

“Revelations” 

By the end of this section, what has Oedipus come to realize? Jocasta?

Oedipus’ crimes are not the first in the unraveling of this tragedy. What is believed to be the crime of Laius and Jocasta?

Oedipus Rex Terms p. 23-33/36-51

5 “cides” – Infanticide: – Genocide: – Regicide:

– Patricide: – Suicide:

Oedipus Rex

p. 34-46/52-73 

Oedipus feels he may have surpassed his fate when he hears the news that his “father”(the King of Corinth) has died of sickness and old age. Who does he still fear and how is this a form of irony?

Falling Action (1) 

What does the Corinth messenger tell Oedipus about his past? Why is this so important to the play?

Fall in Action 1 Jocasta/Retrospection

Turning Point/Climax Tiresias

Corinth Messenger


Rise in Action

Exposition Zeus/Oracle of Apollo Oedipus

Fall in Action


Jocasta’s Denial 

Why does Jocasta attempt to keep Oedipus from questioning the shepherd? How does Oedipus misconstrue her pleas to stop his investigation? Jocasta says, “O, woe, woe, unhappy! This is all I have to say to thee, and no word more, forever!” What does she mean by this? What is implied about self-knowledge and its price in Oedipus Rex?

Falling Action (2) 

Why is the shepherd reluctant to speak? How does Oedipus demonstrate his free will and ultimately one of his tragic flaws while talking to the old shepherd?

What facts does the shepherd bring to light?

Fall in Action 2 Jocasta/Retrospection

Turning Point/Climax Tiresias

Corinth Messenger


Rise in Action

Exposition Zeus/Oracle of Apollo Oedipus

Fall in Action


The making of a Catastrophe 

What news does the 2nd messenger bring concerning Jocasta? Concerning Oedipus?

How is this fitting for both characters in the play?

Catastrophe/Exodus Jocasta

Turning Point/Climax Tiresias

Corinth Messenger



Rise in Action

Exposition Zeus/Oracle of Apollo Oedipus

Fall in Action


Oedipus “sees” the light… 

What admirable trait is revealed about Oedipus’ character in the scene where he discovers the full truth about himself?

How has Oedipus come full circle?

How has he evolved into Tiresias?

Why and what type of irony is this?

What does Oedipus’ reaction to his downfall say about his character?

Theme: Self-Knowledge 

How do the metaphors of vision and blindness reflect the theme of Oedipus arriving at self-knowledge?

Metaphor 


How does the image of the plague-stricken city of Thebes serve as an ironic comment on Oedipus’ situation?

5 “cides” 


Genocide Regicide Patricide


 



How much control do the Gods have in all of this?? Can we chalk any of it up to mere coincidence?

JOCASTA…WHY? What does this tell us about her character? Contrast her with Oedipus.

Theme: Self-Knowledge

How does Oedipus arrive at self-knowledge?

Oedipus’ character coming full circle

What decision is Oedipus faced with at this point in the play?

Exodus 

What does Oedipus ask of Creon?

Creon’s reply?

Oedipus’ Evolution 

Initial Character

Forces of Change


Bent on_________________


Quest for_________________

Rash and Proud of _______________________


Conversations with






_______________________ _______________________ _______________________

_______________________ _______________of those around him

_________________________ Gods/Prophecy


Suspicions of others prove _______________________

Oedipus’ Evolution Cont… 


2. 3.


Final Character

______________ ________and _______ of his shame ______________ ______________ Respects the power of

Theme of Fate: 

Sophocles raised the philosophical question of FATE and it’s effect in one’s life….What effect does FATE have on Oedipus and his situation? Family? Thebes?

…what is meant to be, will be. Do you still agree/disagree now that we have read and analyzed the text?

Theme of Radical Alienation: 

 1. 2. 3. 4.

What does it mean to be “radically alienated”? How was Oedipus radically alienated? ________ ________ ________ ________

Tragic Vision: Sophocles purpose

What does the story of Oedipus teach us, the reader? – The story of Oedipus teaches us that we never truly know ourselves as we think we do. Sophocles wants us (his readers) to consider the fact that one cannot escape, what is meant to be…

…what is meant to be, will be. Right??? Do we----or can we----control our own destiny or fate? Did Oedipus ever have a chance?

Was he destined to travel down this path? If so, why? 

What did he think about FATE?


Your self?

Symbolism in

Oedipus Rex

Mt. Delphi (home of Apollo):

the Sphinx:

the Plague:



Important TERMS in

Oedipus Rex:

    

 

Greek Mythology: Greek Tragedy: Tragic Hero: Retrospection: 5 “cides”: 3 parts of a Greek Play: 3 types of irony:

Themes in

Oedipus Rex: 



Radical Alienation:

Tragic Vision:

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