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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Law, Criminal Justice
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Salford Reducing Re-offending Programme Susan Puffett & Manjit Seale

Community Safety Partnership

Youth Crime





Offenders in the Community

KEY Seconded group working with offenders Agencies working with offenders

Seconded group victims and witnesses Agencies working with victims and witnesses Council Group

Voluntary organisation

Multi-agency Team Multi-agency Team working with both

Work with Prisons

Mona Street

Strategy to Delivery Diagram Sustainable Community Strategy

Salford Strategic Threat Assessment

Partnership Delivery Plan 2011/12

Community Safety Strategy 2011/14

Opportunity Strategy

Partnership Approach    

Community Safety Partnership Five responsible authorises Other directorates Public, private & voluntary sector

Holistic Approach  Targeting Offender

 Protecting the vulnerable  Education  Raising Awareness

Offenders        

IOM unit DIP interventions Mentoring project Together Women’s project Mona Street Recovery Project Youth Offending Service ASB Teams Restorative Justice

Protecting people       

Security equipment Sanctuary scheme CCTV & audio equipment Salford Women’s Aid & IDAAS Witness Outreach Victim Support & Witness Service Witness Care Unit

Integrated Offender Management    

Builds on PPO, MAPPA, DIP Pooling resources Managing Risk Premium Service

Salford Cohort Locals



Spotlight ASB



Local Offender Example     

Added to IOM Thomas Project drug detox Good Progress + attending college Moving on to assisted living Moved to green.

Probation    

9 Districts across Greater Manchester Budget of £50m 1,300 staff Supervise approximately 16,000 offenders at any time  Write 14,000 reports per year

Manage Community Orders on adults (18+) 12 requirements:

Activity Attendance Centre Drug Rehabilitation Mental Health Treatment Prohibited Activity Supervision

Alcohol Treatment Curfew Exclusion Programme Residence Unpaid Work

Key phases Stabilise and control. Curfew is good for this phase Introduce new skills, thinking and behaviour Consolidate new skills, thinking and behaviour Access resources in community

Intensive Alternative to Custody (IAC) For offenders who are likely to receive a prison sentence Provides a community order with several requirements Intensive and frequent contact Close links with G4S and Police

Manage prisoners  In 2010, UK prison population 85,000  Supervise adults aged 21+ who receive a sentence of 12 months or more  Supervise all 18-21 year olds released  Involved in pre-release planning  Close links with Prison Service  Home Detention Curfew

Licences Similar conditions to Community Orders but with greater powers to control (but must be proportionate and balanced) Serve half time in prison, half in community Recall to prison is via Home Office If not considered dangerous will be automatically released after 28 days if recalled

Victim Work Contact victims of crimes where offence is sexual or violent and offender gets 12m or more. Can request exclusion zones or no contact conditions in licences.

Community Payback Preventing offending - reintegrate back into Society Retribution - punishment - restriction of liberty Reparation - making amends - socially useful work Rehabilitation - readapt to society - retraining

Community Payback    

Working in partnership with the community The Work is visible and recognised Reducing the fear of crime Redwood club – people with learning difficulties  Two Sunday lunchtimes for older people

MAPPA    

Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements Police/Probation/Prisons are lead agencies Other agencies have a duty to co-operate Management of most dangerous individuals

Salford Offenders  730 Community Orders - 122 Female and 608 Male  563 Imprisonments - 25 Female and 538 Male 11 Life Imprisonments = 3 Female and 8 Male  47 Life Imprisonments Pre CJA = 1 Female and 46 Male 83 Public Protection = 1 Female and 82 Male 303 Suspended Sentence Orders = 54 Female and 249 Male  17 YOI
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