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Operations Management Essay Title An evaluation of the product-process matrix and the associated “trade-offs” that occur due to the relationship between volume and variety and the effects on process efficiency. The evaluation will give particular reference to television drama production and discuss the type of processes involved.

Operations Management 2010 -11 Assignment Graded A Tutor feedback: This assignment is a pleasure to read. It provides an excellent balance of theory researched, applied to practice and critically analysed. Interesting insights are provided and a well thought-out conclusion.

More specifically, the assignment has a clear title which sets the scene for what is to be examined/explored leaving the reader in no doubt. The introduction expands on the title providing a statement of purpose and direction, the why, what and how. The student writes in such a way that explanation, narrative, theory, critique and discussion flow in such a way that the reader is able to follow the flow in such a way that understanding is generated – of the points being made and how they are relevant.

Referencing is accurate and pertinent. Whilst the reading list is not long, the content of the paper evidences that the reading material has been absorbed, assessed and synthesised in such a way that theory and practice has been blended to create an excellent paper.

Please note this student quotes the lecturer using some of the slides from the lecture. Whilst use of lecture slides is permitted, it is inaccurate to give the lecturer as the reference, since in all instances, the lecturer does give the correct references on all slides where theory is demonstrated.

Some further cautionary points from the tutor • • • •

Avoid bullet point lists Avoid over-reliance on the Internet Produce correct Harvard referencing format Avoid intros explaining your motivation for the subject chosen • Include a clear title at the beginning • Preserve anonymity

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